Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter

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Quite frankly the best thing about Easter is that we get a five day weekend.  Other than that it does not do a great deal for me.  Of course any event which celebrates with the giving of chocolate is a little bit awesome, now is not exactly a point in time when I can readily afford to indulge in such gluttony.  Twelve months post birth and I still wearing my maternity tops because they are the only clothes that nice hide my baby bulge.

The whole treasure hunt for the eggs thing though is insanely cute.  Even DD3 (just turned one) quickly gasped what the day was about.  Naturally eggs for her to find were visibly hidden.  The look on her face was pure bliss.  As wonderous as her face was though I resisted the urge to photo her.  Now I know that may sound a little strange as getting 'that' shot would provide a timeless memory but sometimes I feel that the camera just gets in the way.  I find that I get so consumed with trying to get a perfect memory I forget to enjoy it.  Today was an enjoying day.  My camera has had a bit of a work out of late so it was nice to just be in the moment.  Plus all the use lately meant that the battery has gone flat and finding the charger is a little tricky.

Actually it is not so much the charger as the cord that connects the charger to the wall.  I know exactly where the charging unit is but unfortunately the cord is another story altogether.  So for now it can stay in the too hard basket.  Mind you I seem to put more into that basket than I take out.  I should probably look into that

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