Thursday, April 14

At least it is something

Despite the burning eyes and the ridiculous hour I feel I should make an appearance.  After all if I can sit around and play silly Zuma blitz or whatever I should be able to spit out a few words here.

(Long deep sigh)

To tell you the truth I feel a bit drained.  This is just such a busy time of the year for me (when isn't though?)  In a few short days DD1 (who I am now considering calling Miss L) will be turning 10.  Hard to think that I will have been a mother for a decade....

Anyway I would actually like to be in bed but I need to wait for the cake to cool down.  Miss L requested a chocolate cake to take to school tomorrow. Being the good mother I hope to be, I baked her requested cake.  Unfortunately though I didn't put the baking paper in properly so there is not an even round edge.  I am trying to convince myself that it is a flower shape but I am just not sure.

After all, she is taking this to school.  I would hate for her to be picked on because of my baking inadequacies.  Sure she should be thankful that her mum has gone to the effort to make her a cake but if it looks silly...

See for yourself

Hopefully in the morning it will look better covered in a beautiful chocolate icing, hopefully.

For now though I need get this silly editing job out the way.  Oh what's that? Didn't I mention that, in amongst everything else I try and do a bit of freelance editing here and there.  Actually I really only have one regular client and she is not exactly regular.  She has been seeking my services for well over 12 months now, possibly even close to two years.  She translate Korean into English and I polish it up for her.  Sometimes it is an enjoyable read, other times, like tonight it seems more like crazed jibberish.  But hey, makes me feel important and gives me some money to play with.

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