Tuesday, April 19

No! Don't do it!

That is what I want to scream at people who look at websites likes this Though for some reason, which I am still trying to discover and totally understand, I found myself doing earlier this evening.

I mean sure, baby number three took it's toll on my once youthful and skinny posterior but I am also quietly confident that with enough time I will be able to return to my pre-baby self. Or at least I thought I was until recently.

After thirty odd years of not giving my weight or physical appearance much thought it is strange for it to be suddenly that has become so time consuming. Without sounding too cocky or over confident I feel that it is fair to recall my youthful appearance as nothing to be sniffed at. Granted I was never award the Miss Australia title much like my parents had me once believe I was apparently destined to but I do feel it is fair to say I had all the right bits in all the right places. Which counts for something doesn't it?

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