Monday, April 18

Another Day...another...

.... ... ... feel free to insert as applicable.

I actually started this post at about 10.30 this morning.  It is now twenty past four.  This is as far as I got on my first attempt 

So far for me it has been another rushed morning, which saw us unable to locate necessary items (such as school uniforms and socks).  To improve the situation (not) I discovered two day old watermelon in DD2's school bag.  Eventually we arrived a good fifteen minutes late for school (I think that is actually a new record for us as well).

In between all of this there was the constant discussion with Miss L on why she is actually going to school today.  She felt that her birthday yesterday granted her the "I'm too tired to go to school" excuse.  When that failed, the absence of her latest 'bestie' (who is apparently too tired to go to school today because of her double training session yesterday) became the next reason.  Which much to Miss L's disappointment failed to sway me.

Part of me thinks I will not actually progress much further now.  I feel like I have been on the go all day long yet not actually achieved anything.  Well at least not anything of great importance or even highly noticeable.  Though I guess everyone would notice if I didn't have the food to put on the table for dinner tonight.

Yep! I was right didn't get a whole heap done.  It is now 11.09pm.  Twelve hours have passed since I first sat down to write this post.  On the whole I guess I did make some progress on the whole getting the housework in order thing but as always there is so much to do.

Anyway on that happy note I am going to leave it here.  I feel sleep is my best option at the moment.  If you haven't already can you please swing by and vote me.  Many thanks and here's to another tomorrow!
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