Saturday, April 16

Actual Action.

Tomorrow sees DD1 hit the big old double figures.  Which is a pretty big deal.  It means I have been a parent for a decade.  That is a long time. When I think about it there are few people who I have known longer than Miss L.  In fact a lot of the people that are currently in my life are there because of her.  Just another way in which she has improved my life.

We have an action packed day planned tomorrow.  We will meet a friend from school at the Pet Expo, after which we will head to the Wharf for lunch which will then be followed by a dip in the Wave Pool (which reminds me I must call and check they are open, I was told of a rumour they were closed tomorrow)

Should we have any energy (or money) left we will go to the foreshore for a much loved Mr Potato Man potato.  In between it all we will try and do a photo shoot so the girls can model and show off their beautiful new Monsoons and Mangoes creations.  I just love the way that home made clothes are making a comeback.

Personally I grew up in handmade and I loved it.  I even worked at a flash surf shop in my teen age years and for the most part had homemade clothes.  Lucky for me though my mother is a very crafty being and was able to make the time to create special treasures for me to wear.  I must admit though that I am feeling very inspired lately.  I think I am almost at the stage where I am ready to push myself a little further and try something new.

Just the other day Miss L had a skirt with a broken zipper that after a bit of thought we decided could be given new life with a few modifications.  Of course said modifications have not actually occurred yet but at least we are thinking about it.

Of course thinking about it is not always enough.  Who ever said that it is the thought that counts didn't actually put enough thought into their statement.  Some times thought is not enough and actual action is required.  Which is actually the story of my life.  I need to create some actual action.

Speaking of which here is a sneak peak of my to do list for this afternoon

  • blog/write
  • run
  • mow lawn
  • clean kitchen
  • card
  • present
Oh my I think I might stop now before I get to carried away.  I haven't even gotten to the shopping for dinner/breakfast/snacks and of course the preparing of said meals/food yet or the thousand other things that keeping jumping into my head.

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  1. Happy 10th anniversary of motherhood!

  2. thanks, it has been a more than wonderful journey :)


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