Thursday, April 7

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today I celebrate the first 12 months of DD3's wonderful life. As I sit here typing I can honestly say that I have never been happier. I have a wonderful life which is blessed in so many ways. A quick glance at my sleeping now one year old swiftly confirms just how lucky I am.

This time last year DD3 and I were snuggly tucked up in bed 23B of the local hospital. It was not exactly the birth I had been thinking of but at the end of the day the end result is all that really matters. I love the notion of homebirth and I truly envy women that are fortunate to have them. It is my ideal birth but for some around me they prefer the comfort that is seen within medical walls. I guess deep deep down inside me there is a teeny tiny part of me t
hat agrees. But I digress...this post was not meant to spark a debate about homebirth (for the record I do believe that a woman's right to birth at home should not be taken away from her)... it is supposed to be about my beautiful baby girl who today turned one.

After such a fantastic day I am buzzing with enthusiasm for life. Which actually makes writing a somewhat difficult task as the ideas are just bouncing around my head at the moment. There are so many different ways this post could go and I just can't decide which would be best.

Do I just recount my day...

We had a relaxing morning at home while the Grandmothers and Nan came to visit. Around lunch time we headed out and collected the new remote from the post office (yay! we now have cool TV again) We also indulged in some golden arch delicacies which was actually more a treat for DD's 1 & 2. We ate as we drove out to visit our very bestest friends who also have a birthday to celebrate today.

As always all six children played beautifully and it was wonderful to see DD3 finally being able to join in a little. It is amazing the difference that being close to walking makes.

Do I post a photo?
If so which one do I choose, as there have been so many of late. Of course to post a photo of the day it is more than likely to have the children in it and as yet I have not decided whether I am really prepared to put their faces up here...Internet security and all that...
Of course if I just post a picture of the presents I avoid all of that.
As you can see though a picture of presents is not really all that exciting... though a lesson has been learnt.

I should leave photo retouching to small things like the flakes of stuff on the carpet that is in need of a good vacuum. Trying to retouch the toys in the top left was a bad idea and too hard to undo.

Mind you I have now spent so long trying to get this photo thing right that it is way past my bed time and my train of thought is completely gone. Given the time I expect that the birthday girl will probably wake shortly. One would think that after such a big day with such little time for sleep she should be right till morn, but then again...

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