Thursday, October 17

Things I Know About Writers Reveal And Other Stuff

Sun setting over the horizon. Amazing

As yet another week draws to a close I know that time is still flying faster than what I would like it. Speaking of last week, I know that seeing eight lovely people joining in with all they know was all kinds of awesome so thanks all round.

I know that last week when I sat down to write my Things I Know post I had a heart skipping moment when I thought that I had forgotten to post my Writers Reveal post only to realise I was a week ahead of myself.

I know that when I sat down to write today's Things I Know post I began to wonder why I never got around to writing my Writers Reveal post for today. Sigh.

I know that know I have just gone and double checked what my prompt was for this month and I am even more baffled as to why I put it off.

I know that by the time you get to the end of this post there will be a link to take you to my Writers Reveal post. The prompt for which was given to me by the lovely J.C WolfeI know that you should totally go and check her blog out.

I know that Emily did a fantastic job with the prompt I gave her.

I know that watching the news coverage of the bush fires saw silent tears roll down my cheeks.

I know I hope everyone stays safe and the blazes quickly die.

I know it is going to be a very long summer for a lot of people. 

I know that it puzzles me how on Tuesday I could go for a run and in 33 minutes travel 5.35km yet on Thursday 5.36km took me 49 minutes.

I know that lately there has not been nearly enough running in my life. I know changing that makes me feel good.

I know that I can't wait to read all the things you know. Grab the button and share your link below

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Here is that link to the Writer's Reveal prompt I promised earlier.
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