Wednesday, September 4

Complain I will not because blessed is what I am

The day got off to a flying start with Zany ensuring I was wide awake well before I was ready to. After the antics of bed swapping I went through at some ungodly hour of the night with her and Teapot I felt no need to be the early bird worm catcher but apparently that was not to be.

Complain I will not because blessed is what I am.

Rather than stew and brew over my earlier than I would like rising I tried to make the best of it. And by that I mean I tried to convince myself that it was a great opportunity to tackle last night's dishes. The grand promises of never having to worry about the dishes again prior to the purchase of the dishwasher at Christmas time have not exactly rang true. 

Complain I will not because blessed is what I am.

While I may not say it to Mr Awesome's face, he was right in saying a dishwasher would make the dishes seem easier. There is something that makes playing dishes Tetris for twenty minutes much more appealing than actually washing the dishes by hand. Even if the latter probably ends up taking less time than the former some days. What my lovely husband failed to mention was that I would still need to constantly nag at people to get the dishes put away. Or alternatively just do it all myself. But complain I will not.

Once I had made my way through the leaning towers of dishes it was time to start the morning drudgery of getting children ready for school. Having just passed the halfway mark of the term, feet are beginning to drag as the weeks begin to blend into one. The promise of after school electronic time enough motivation to ensure we are out the door with moments to spare. Leaving me filled with an air of smugness as I depart the school grounds before the first bell has rung. 

Perhaps Mother of the Year is not out of grasps after all? (Because clearly all it takes to be MOTY is getting to school early once.)

From there I whiz around the shops and return home to discover it is not even yet half past nine. I can't help but ask my Facebook fans who has run off with the real me.

More smugness as I have dinner under control before lunchtime even arrives. 

There is something nice about the whole being organised feeling. I can't help but wonder how long it will last though. Even as I type I can feel the enthusiasm for it all beginning to wane. A feeling that only grows with each blasted beep of the washing machine informing me that there is yet another load needing to be hung out. Of course the howling gale force winds that are currently blowing through ensure that all washing not pegged down will end up on the ground. 

Naturally pegs are no where to be found. Sigh. 

But complain I will not because blessed is what I am.

Blessed that I have a washing machine to beep at me upon completion of it's load.
Blessed that the sun is shining and even though the wind may be blowing a little too hard for my liking, at least it is blowing and there is no rain. (Though just between you and me even if it was raining on washing day I would feel blessed because it has been far to long since I last saw wet stuff fall from the sky)
Blessed that I can sit down and type these words.
Blessed that I can jump up and make muffins for an after school snack.
Blessed in all these ways and so many more, so complain I will not.

Do you have a mantra to get you through some days?

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