Sunday, October 27

The passing of Sunday

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It's  just gone eight o'clock on Sunday morning. I can hear Mr Awesome telling the little one that it is too early in the morning for that. He is refering to her scratching her sister.
It is now nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon. My day has been little like I envisaged, but that is not exactly surprising or new.

Nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon is not exactly prime blogging time. At nearly five o'clock Sunday afternoon children are hungry and over tired. Dinner and bed time can not come nearly fast enough, yet they still seem like an eternity away. Many deep breaths and extreme levels of self control are needed.

Yet here I am. Trying to make myself oblivious to it all and just doing what I want for once.

After a day of constant battles that saw no ground gained or winner crowned, in any of the many fights endured, doing something that is purely and solely for my benefit or pleasure seems like the only sane thing to do. All other options seem to be exasperated. Aside from that, I am just crying out to be heard. It is more than apparent that my offspring speak not the same language as I. At least here, in my own lunch box, I feel I can be heard.
It is now nearly quarter past six. The children have been fed and the husband serviced. Part of me is busy beating myself up about not sitting and eating with the children, but there is this other part of me that is quickly putting that part in it's place. A child that refuses to sleep at night has prevented martial activities from taking place for far too long. An opportunity presented and I had to make the most of it.

Besides, what reluctant housewife wouldn't get excited about a husband putting clean sheets on the bed?

In many ways it feels wrong even insinuating that Mr Awesome and I partake in sexual activities. It is not like I think my reader is oblivious to such things, I just don't ever feel that it is my place to discuss such things. I am only too aware that some things need not be said. There are some discussions that need not be had.You can only imagine the angst that I feel discussing the birds and the bees concept with Miss 12. Made worse only by the fact that my discomfort brings out nothing but bluntness. 

Something tells me though, that "so did you know your vagina is going to bleed for days on end every month" is possibly not the ice breaker that I should go with. I just keep telling myself that when the time is right I will magically find the right words. I am nothing if not optimistic
It is now just gone half past six. The biggest downside to daylight savings is the delay in darkness. Not that we have daylight saving time as such, the sun just seems to set so much later. With children being up for over twelve hours, bed time just can't seem to come soon enough.

Not that I want to wish their lives away. I just want today to be over.

I am a firm believer that tomorrow is always a new day, with a fresh start. After all what easier way is there to find peace with the mistakes of today, than with the hope of what tomorrow? I want the reminder of all the things I didn't do or get done today to be washed away with the start of a brand new day. Of course even this is sometimes easier said than done.

For now though its is just past 7pm. Bed time feels closer than imminent. Those few silent moments that parents treasure most are almost within grasp and I just can not wait.

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  1. Hope you had a refreshing nights sleep Rhi. Some days feel like an eternity don't they. Sounds like you make an incredible team leading those troops. Hoping today is the breath of fresh air you're in need of X

  2. Some days just go forever don't they?
    Don't beat yourself up. If you've got the time and the inclination, do it! :)


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