Thursday, October 10

Things I Know About Time Flying

What? It's Friday? 

Again? All ready?

Are you sure? 

It can't be....

insert image of time flying here
if of course you can find the time to make one, 
or find one that someone else has made and kindly shared
which obviously I didn't 

But alas, apparently it is indeed Friday, another week has seemingly passed me by leaving me wonder just where does the time go?

Of course the eternal optimist says yes time this week has flown by, but now we are only a day away from the weekend and nine weeks away from the end of term.

The realist responds with, yes but do you know how much still needs to be crammed into those nine weeks and how much you didn't get done this week?

This week I know only too well just how fast time flies. Much faster than I would like it to, especially when it comes to bills that seem to always need to be paid and growing children.

The only thing I know that flies faster than time is the growth of the washing pile. I know that I go on about washing quite a bit, but seriously the stuff just seems to multiple at rapid knots.

Can you see the smaller things
I was referring to?
A baby frill neck lizard is hiding among the
wood clippings munching on white ants
I know that times also seems to zoom the fastest when I have a deadline. Of any description or form. Or if it is night time and there are things I want to do. Time always seems to disappear quickest when I settle in to do something just for me.

I know that as much as I say the week has flown on by there has also be lots of nothing. 

Tuesday was declared a mental health day for one and all in our house, well except for Mr A. He carried on in his usual awesome way while the girls and I buckled down for some quiet resting time. Despite it only be day two of the term, the holidays (which definitely flew on by) were so jam packed of fun and excitement that we needed a day to recover.

Monday and Wednesday saw me spend the morning pottering around the school community garden. Crafting and hanging with some lovely children as we stopped to appreciate the smaller things in life.

I know I just love all the lovely bloggers that came and joined in last week and I hope that there will be even more.

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  1. I don't know where all the time goes either - all I know is that it stresses me out when I have so little of it and not much to show for it!!! Have a great weekend Rhi and thanks so much for hosting!

    1. Yes that is my frustration as well Kirsty! Thanks for joining in

  2. I'm with you on time flying - it seems like it just keeps getting faster and faster and I wonder if anyone has actually checked that one minute is still 60 seconds and that 1 second is actually still 1 second and not 1/2 a second which would make 1 minute only 30 seconds which would account for how quickly time is going ?
    I'll be linking in later - just as soon as I have finished a couple of jobs and managed to throw a post together !!!!
    Thanks again for hosting one of the easiest linkys going !
    Have the best day !

    1. My pleasure on hosting and thanks to you for joining in. I think you might be right about a second shortening! Have a great day as well

  3. It's even scarier for us, our youngest is in Year 12 and not only does the term end in less than 6 weeks, but she will be finished school forever!!!!

    1. Oh my Janet! I thought it was tough with one just starting middle school this year but you are right having the youngest finishing is a whole other game. thanks for joining in

  4. I know! This year has just flown. I'm sure it was only yesterday that I was thinking I had another year till our youngest starts school and next month she is doing her orientation! Where did it go????

  5. I think we're all in the same basket Rhianna... At the start of the week I make a list of things I'd like to do and, if I have done half of this list by Friday, I consider it as a miracle! Thanks for hosting Rhianna!

    1. making a list is always something I think of doing but rarely do I even get that far! Thanks for joining in

  6. I have absolutely no idea where this year has gone let alone this week!!

    1. oh I know, I can't even begin to think about the year being so close to over! Thanks so much for joining in

  7. school holidays sure DID fly by :( I know that once you have kids, time flies faster than ever before. It's all downhill from here :(

    1. Yes it certainly does seem to fly quicker once you have kids Aroha but I am not sure I would say that it is downhill! Thanks for sharing such a great post this week lovely


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