Friday, October 25

Things I Know About Coffee and Stuff

As I type I am wiping the sleep out of my eyes and trying to kick start my brain into gear. Given that it is already 6.30 am you would think that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I know there are many a mother that would consider 6.30 to be something of a sleep in.

My mind, although still not quite at it's functioning best, is racing with more thoughts than what it can adequately process. Which essentially means trying to string a sentence together is far from an easy task. I know that I would love for someone to bring me some coffee. I know that coffee is the solution to so many problems (at least temporarily)

mmmmm coffee

I know that I have probably mentioned it once or twice before, but I love my coffee machine.
I know that when talking frothy milk there is no such thing as too frothy (well at least in my book)
know that I am super glad I stopped staring at the blank screen and when and made a coffee, because as a result I now seem to just about have a post.

I know that yesterday I woke with a headache like nothing I have ever experienced before.
I know that because of said headache, yesterday was a complete right off and nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) got done. (Hence my trying to scramble this post together while wiping sleep out of my eyes)

I know that I still get excited when I see lovely people join in with this little old linky. Thank you to all who shared a link last week. And thanks in advance to everyone who joins in this week. It really is the easiest linky ever to join in with because we all know something. So why not write it down and join on in?

I know that next week will be the last week I host Things I Know. The ever lovely Miss Cinders will be returning from her sabbatical and ready to blog again come November. TIK will be heading back there as of Thursday November 7th. Fridays are a big day at the office for Miss C so Thursdays work much better for her in being able to drop by to all the lovely linkers. The link is open for a week though so if Friday's work better for you, then that's what you can do.

I know that while I am a little sad to be handing the TIK reigns back to their rightful owner I am stoked that I got to have it for the time I did. Though all of this should probably have been said next week, now I don't have anything to say then.

I know that I couldn't wait till next week to tell you because I have some other rather exciting news that I want to share. As of next Thursday I will be hosting a Thankful Thursday link up. Which I am pretty excited about (to say the least) Thanks to Francessa for entrusting me with what is a wonderful linky and I hope you will come and join on in.

I know that this post has now probably gone on for a bit to long (thanks for sticking with me)

What do you know this week? 
Write a post, grab the button below and join on in

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P.S. I know that if you haven't already entered my giveaway you can still do so


  1. I cannot think of anyone better suited to hosting thankful thursday than you.
    I love coffee too, maybe a little too much!! Off to check out your giveaway now!!

    1. Oh thank you what a lovely thing to say Ann. I have always wanted to host a TT so I am pretty excited. It all feels like it was so meant to be because I was only thinking the other week how I need to consciously increase my thanks a bit more. Life feels so much peachier when you are grateful xx

  2. I know you'll have a great time with TT. Thanks for taking it on :)

    1. Oh seriously Francesca it is my pleasure xx Thank you for passing it on to me!

  3. Mmmmmmm coffee!! Have a fab weekend!

  4. drinking coffee as I read this post! I agree!

  5. Yeah Rhianna! Congrats on hosting Thankful Thursday! I joined up a few times and really enjoyed it! I'll try to get around to do it more often


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