Thursday, October 17

Writers Reveal - A prompt from J.C Wolfe

This month's prompt for me as part of the Writers Reveal group at Emily Morgan Writes, was given to me by J.C WolfeNow I don't know why but somehow this all slipped to the back of my mind, and I failed to get my post out on the required day and time. 

My bad and I am super sorry.

Of course thanks to the wonders of modern technology though the post is back dated and if I had of kept my mouth shut you would have been none the wiser!

Only I feel the need to tell you because now rather than being filled with deep and mind-blowing wishes it will be rushed through and slapped together with the barest of thoughts.

A fairy comes to you and grants you three wishes. You can make any three wishes you want, under the following condition:

One wish is just for you,
One wish is for your family,
And one wish is for the world

I think the one wish for me, other than the published book or other related dreams I spoke of last time, is that I wish to no longer be a world class procrastinator. My constant delaying of absolutely everything is holding me back from being all that I can, I am sure of it. This post is quite possibly all the evidence required for proof.

The wish for my family is pretty easy. I wish for them to all live happy and long lives. Filled with lots of love and laughter. I wish for my girls to always be comfortable within their own skin and know that all that they are is more than enough. Though that may all be more than one wish.

As for my wish for the world? Well I don't want to sound all Miss Beauty Queen like but there really is something lovely about the concept of world peace isn't there? Either that or ending the gaps of inequality or hunger.

What would your answers have been?
Are you a terrible procrastinator as well?

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  1. Great answers! I too would probably wish to stop being such a procrastinator; it really delays the creative process. Peace is a wonderful wish too. It's a shame that world peace often seems like something that can only be achieved through a magic wish. As for your family wish, it's perfect! Glad you enjoyed the prompt!

    1. Yes I think if I stopped the procrastinating I could probably make a few wishes come true myself! Thanks again for the prompt

  2. World Peace would be nice, no question. And it will probably take a fairy at this rate!! My problem is also procrastination, but the really annoying thing is that I can be really busy and collapse at the end of the day only to realise that I haven't actually done anything!! What is with that!

    1. yes I doubt that we will ever see world peace. And yes I know only too well that exhausted yet not accomplished feeling. Not a fan.


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