Tuesday, October 15

Time to sleep, per chance to dream?

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It's funny how even within the same week so much can both change and stay the same. While last week saw me hoping today would be the day that the heavens graced us with rain. Today sees me sitting here enjoying a gentle breeze that is chilled with scent of fresh rain. A coolness floats through the air soothing all that it touches. 

Tomorrow of course will see the swelter return but at least for now all is cool and well with the world. Or at least it would be if I still wasn't battling with a twelve year old to go to sleep. At just past 10pm I might add.

I think back all those years to when she was so much younger than today. When I would put her in her cot some nights and she would scream. And scream. And then scream some more.

Did she really know there was only so much I could take? Which by the way was not very much. I saw no point in sending a child to sleep screaming. How are sweet dreams made of screams?

In fairness though it is not every night. Just more than I would like.
I am sure it is her way of wielding power. Or trying to at least. 

This child has a way of challenging me unlike nothing I have ever known.

I don't want to fight and argue with her. Lord knows no parent wants to live like that. But still she must learn to follow the rules. Part of life, is, after all, living by the rules.

As hard at times as that may be. And some times it is most certainly harder than others.

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  1. Yay for some rain relief! We have had too much rain and I would love some swelter! I hope you got some sleep!

  2. Oh my lord. I remember my first 6 months of those screams. They broke me and no doubt her as well. Why even when they grow up does sleep remain something they feel they need to battle. Sigh. Wishing you strength xx

  3. Oh I love the smell of the air just after the rain! Now that you've mentioned it, I remember those nights of waking up every 2 hours or so to soothe Lil Pumpkin back to sleep. She's much better now, only wakes up once or twice a night.. haha. Will she ever sleep through the whole night? I do hope so :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Glad it is cooler for you, there certainly has been some hot days lately!

  5. Enjoy the cool while you can. Sorry to hear about your child who won't sleep - thankfully we didn't have too much of that and now most nights she goes to bed after me but is old enough to know how much sleep she needs. She does know that I would put up with a cranky pants wearing child the day after she has had a late night !!!
    Have the best day !

  6. These times are the hardest. I swear children are the measure of a great person and I am so not!

  7. I have a stubborn strong willed child too who does my head in. I see so much of myself in him it can be scary. I hope the rains come soon for you, apparently we are in for more stinking hot weather down here, yuck!!

  8. Nick was a terrible sleeper as a baby. Then from 3-5 was an awesome sleeper - put him in his bed and he went to sleep within minutes. Lately he's been getting out of bed, sneaking around the unit unseen!! Little monkey! Now every few nights he wants me to stay with him til he falls asleep....ugh! I'm sure before I know it he'll be sleeping in and I'll be dragging him out of bed for school. Maybe! xo

  9. I think the challenges of sleep are some of the hardest we face with kids. It is so hard to be your best when you are sleep-deprived because they won't go to sleep, or stay asleep. Wishing everyone in your household sweet dreams.

  10. I'm really hoping you get to the end of this power struggle soon. I can see it's wearing you down, and it's not a fun way to live. Wish I could help somehow xx

  11. I'm still in the middle of having three child up in the night, sometimes all three of them. My baby usually walks to our bed to sleep between hubby and I - we have a king bed thankfully - and right now I don't mind because he often wakes me with his screaming and terrible nightmares :( So sad that a two-year-old has such bad dreams, I worry that my bad moods and impatience is to blame xx

  12. Definitely can relate to the wailing of a child at night. My 2yr 8m old daughter is at the moment going through a little sleep training programme. After over 20 months of us all being completely exhausted and using many methods, we have, I'm hoping found something that works for us x

  13. Phew, I feel for you. It is so exhausting sometimes always being the parent and taking on the wellbeing of another person who fights you all the way. Keep at it, they will thank you one day - hope for that!


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