Thursday, October 31

Getting my thankful on

You know when you highly anticipate something that you have been waiting for, for what possibly feels like forever and then it finally arrives and you don't really know what to do next? Despite having thought of little else for however long you have been waiting for that moment to arrive.

Well that is me right now.

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For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of one day maybe being able to say that I was the hostess with the mostess for a Thankful Thursday link up. Well low and behold that day is here and that moment is now only do you think I can find the adequate (let alone profound) words to mark such an occasion?

Ah no.

In fact on Wednesday night just as I was about to head to bed I appeared to spontaneously explode a tirade of explicatives leaving Mr A to wonder if I had in fact suddenly come down with tourettes or something similar. His quizzical concern was quickly dissipated when I told him it was just some bloggy stuff I had forgotten to do. Oh the life when you've a blogging wife 

Anyway, despite it being only a few minutes after eight o'clock I still took myself off to bed. Because I am nothing if not dedicated.

Actually I was nothing but completely and utterly exhausted and there was not a snowball's chance in hell that I would have been able to keep my eyelids prised open long enough to type a post out. Especially one that was coherent and readable. So off to bed I took myself

And you know what? I am so thankful that I did. Because now I get to sit here some five hours later, wide awake and bushy tailed, hopefully giving you something worth reading. Seriously though I am thankful that I know it is ok to put sleep before blogging.

Of course the only problem is I am not actually sure what else I want to share my thanks for. And just quietly I feel a little under pressure. As lovely as it was for people to tell me that I am such a perfect host for Thankful Thursday because I am so positive, I did start to fear if I would live up to expectations. 

Crazily I can remember feeling the same way after posting a Thankful Thursday about sight, some many moons ago now. I spent the next week wondering how I could come up with something else that I was truly thankful for that would make people stop and think.

I am thankful not just for the kind words and support that my readers and fellow bloggers give to me, but I am also thankful for the way that such words gently encourage me to try just a little harder in many different way and to think about my thanks just a little more.

On that note I should add that I am super super thankful that Francesca passed this lovely little linky on to me. It is the perfect way to constantly remind myself that gratitude is an attitude you can never have too much of.

So what else am I thankful for?

- that my baby (who is three) can still snuggle up on my lap and go to sleep while I blog
- my new little nephew safely came earth side this week
- being able to have snuggles with said new little nephew
- friendship and support both online and real life
- Lovely getting away without too many tears being shed
- No bedtime battles for a week while Lovely is away
- Zany having some inner determination and doing what needed to be done

Though the question really is, what are you thankful for?


  1. Congrats to you and your family Aunty Rhianna!! We are thankful for a few of the same things this week!!

    1. Thanks Ann, and thanks so much for joining in, so excited to see you link up so early, I may have been a little worried that no one would join in!

  2. He will always be your baby. Congrats on your brand new nephew so special enjoy those newbie cuddles too. I saw your status on Facebook and thought my post for today was a pretty thankful one. Thank you for hosting x

    1. So true Sarah, they will always be our babies no matter what. Thanks so much for coming and joining in, yours is a perfect #thankful post

    2. Thank you! and sorry that should have been SHE will always be your baby ! Thank you for having me Rhianna.!

  3. Gratitude is so important. Congrats on your new nephew and YAY for no bedtime fuss!

  4. Yay to be an aunty - I hope I get to be one one day! I'm grateful that you put bed before blogging because it reminds me I need to do this WAY MORE! Just been smashing out 14 advertising features so haven't written a TT but I plan to join in eventually. Best host ever for this linky, you are such a positive light :)

    1. Go you with all those features, you real writer you! Thanks for dropping in

  5. Just realised I didn't comment on your post !!!!!
    I love that my 'baby' still cuddles up against me for hugs and when she is tired !!!
    Congratulations on your new nephew - there is nothing nicer than the smell of new born babies.
    YAY for easy bed times - enjoy them while you can !
    Have the best day !

    1. Totally made the most of the no bed time fuss don't you worry. So lovely to hear your baby still likes to snuggle up to her mum. Thanks so much for joining in

  6. I will be far more thankful when my internet usage resests itself and I no longer have dial up speed!!! It makes me want to pull out my hair!!!
    You already know I think you're the perfect person for this job, and hopefully it will inspire me to write some more thankful posts!

    1. Oh dial speed how awful! Thanks for joining in lovely hope you do drop by more


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