Sunday, December 16

Tomorrow is always a brand new day

This post has been sitting, in my draft box, waiting to be written for around three days now. For some reason the words just haven't seem to be there. Even now I am not sure if they are but I can't hold off any longer. I need to try and get some of it out.

I know that the beginning is always the best place to start but sometimes in life the beginning can be a tricky place to find. Life is but a cycle and as such with it's constant goings round, beginnings and endings can sometimes blend into one. Making it not only difficult to establish where they each stop and start but also the difference between causes and effect.

The last week has been a tough. Though I seem to say that a lot I think. Perhaps this was just a particularly tough day because of so much going on.

Children graduating primary school, new paths being forged while old ones cease to exist, no longer needing to be walked. Hearing of two breast cancer diagnosis and immediate removals of lumps and breast. Mass murders, brutal senseless and unnecessary attacks on innocent lives. Radio pranks blamed for suicide and a media frenzy around issues that at the end of the day should be nothing at all.

My head feels like it wants to explode unable to cope with the emotion of it all.

What is the world coming to?

Oh that's right, come Friday apparently the world is coming to and end. Miss Eleven has heard bits and pieces of this notion. She is on the verge of being beside herself with worry at times. When I look up into the sky and see cloud formations that I have not really seen before, I too struggle to not get caught up in a conspiracy theory about it all.

The crazy weather the world over doesn't help in that department either. Guess which city was one of the first mentioned to get flooded in the doomsday movie 2012?

Oh that's right it was the same that got flooded just recently. New York.

Deep breaths.

Thankfully as long as I don't think about it, I don't worry to much. It all just really serves as a great reminder though

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to one and all.