Monday, October 14

Monday Mention. Jimmy's Walk

Long term regular readers will probably recall the flurry of excitement back in April when all round legend Samuel Johnson came to town. 

For those of you who may of missed it Sam is currently unicycling his way around this great brown land to raise both funds and awareness for breast cancer. To date Sam has covered just over 10,000km and raised some $800,000.

From following Sam's journey I happened to come across another rather awesome and inspiring young man. 


Photo from Jimmy's Walk for Cancer Facebook page
He is celebrating just passing the 6000km mark

Jimmy is a twenty year old South Australian, currently on a 18,000km trek around Australia to raise funds for the Brainchild Foundation. He is a third of his way round the nation and will soon be heading my way.

Now while Jimmy may not be a famous actor that I may or may not have been crushing on for a number of years I still find the thought of being able to have a chat with him a bit exciting. 

You see it is not everyone that can take a whole year out of their life to go for a walk to raise awareness for a cause. In fact I am pretty certain that it takes a rather special kind of person to not just think of such a quest but to actually go out and make it happen makes them extra special. 

Looking through the Jimmy's Facebook Page for photos for this post and it is confirmed that Jimmy is all kinds of special. A photo that says 
"You don't need a reason to help people".
Please take the time to drop by Jimmy's Facebook page and say hi.

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  1. Wow - there are so many inspirational people around - thank you for sharing another one with us.
    Have the best day !


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