Thursday, October 31

Things I Know About Help

Yesterday was long and exhausting. Emotionally, physically and in every other possible way. In fact it has been a recurring theme for the entire week. Possibly even longer. But  I am not complaining. In fact the only reason I bring it up is to offer some explanation to the straight to the point feel to this post. Time is always of the essence

I know that generally speaking I like helping. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think that I could be of use to someone. Or that I have something to offer that others may need. 

Having said that though, I know I didn't stay back and help clean up after the Halloween disco at school last night. I know I am trying to convince myself an internal beating is not necessary because I did spend a few hours this afternoon making a heap of gingerbread 

I know that over years gone by I have probably done my fair share of event clean ups but when I know the ladies cleaning up like I do I can't help but feel the urge to help them out.

I know though there were plenty of helpers offering to help out on this occasion. Because this occasion also happened to be a fundraiser for a young boy at the school. He was recently diagnosed had a life threatening tumour. He has been whisked away for immediate treatment with his family told to expect to stay away for months. There is a fundraising page if you are able to spare a dollar or two. The link can be found in my sidebar

I know that discovering this is happening to a member of our school community is just heartbreaking.

I know the support and offers to help in a time like this can mean so much to a family in need.

I know that sometimes asking for help is not easing. Even accepting someones helping hand can be tough at times.

I know that sometimes letting people help you is actually a very nice thing for you to do for them. Yes you read that right. Letting someone help you can sometimes be a nice thing for you to do for someone else.

I know that when you let someone help you they generally feel needed, useful and wanted. Who doesn't want to feel like that?

I know that I just loved helping Miss Cinders out with Things I Know while she had a break.

I know that I am super excited to check out Miss C's blog post for today, it has been so long since we heard from her I just know she will have something fantastic to say!

And finally I know that I am super thankful to everyone for being so supportive and joining in the fun of Things I Know while it was here. I hope I will get you see you all still over at Miss Cinders which will now kick off on a Thursday.

So please, tell me, what do you know this week?

edited side note. When I wrote this I had no actual idea what Miss C's first post back was going to be like. It wasn't till I read it that I wished I had of worded things differently. The post is well worth a read and I hope you do.
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  1. You've done a great job of hosting TIK while Miss C has been away, Rhi! Thanks for keeping it going while she was on break! I am a helper too, I think. I always try to help others, but sometimes I wonder at what cost. It is lovely when people offer to help but often so hard to actually accept it. That's something I have to work on, I think. Have a great weekend. xo

    1. Yes accepting is something I struggle with as well. It was my pleasure to host, thanks for joining in

  2. You did a fantastic job in baking all that gingerbread and they look fantastic! It's not possible for us to help all the time - there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes and you don't want to push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion! It sounds like you have done a lot of helping and cleaning up over the years :) How heartbreaking for the Joel and his family. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Have a beautiful weekend :)

    1. Thanks I was a bi proud of them actually. And you are so right we can't help everyone all the time or we won't be able to help ourselves

  3. I accepted some help yesterday which is completely not lke me at all. I am usually the helper. Very strange feeling but I was so grateful. Hope life settles down for you.

    1. Good on you for putting the shoe on the other foot

  4. It's a mad time of the year. I totally understand you wanting to help - it's amazing at school functions how many people do help and how many go time after time and just leave at the end - good for you for acknowledging that you have done your share and you don't have to help every single time.
    Thanks for the great job you have done hosting TIK while Miss Cinders has been out of action.
    Have the best weekend !

    1. yes it always seems to be the same that stay and help. thankfully though at our school it does seem to mix it up a bit


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