Sunday, January 6

Feeling a little pleased with myself

Today has been a fantastic day. One that saw next to no upsets and lots of fun and laughter.

We started the day off bright and early down at a local man made lake known as Lake Alexander. Mr Awesome's mum gave us an inflatable kayak for Christmas and we were ready to take it on it's maiden voyage.

Being the active campers that we are we are fortunate to have a high flow pump that plugs into a car cigarette lighter. 

This meant that our four meter kayak was inflated in only a matter of minutes. It is a seriously cool pump. Our queen size air mattress is up in well under five minutes. It was an absolute blessing on our road trip to Cairns. After long day of driving we were able to have tents up and beds made in under thirty minutes.

Back to the kayaking for now though.

It was so much fun!

And easy too! Though my arms may be feeling a little extra tired as I sit here typing tonight.

Nothing like a selfie.
Raking the whole front natures strip yesterday may also have something to do with that as well though, but that is a whole different story.

After we got home I then jumped on my deadly treadly and pedalled my way over to my mother's house to help her with an overlocker drama that she was currently faced with. I believe the Daughter of the Year officials are on the way as we speak.

Dinner was another slow cooker wonder and all incredibly easy. Followed by two little girls falling off to sleep almost exactly as they are supposed to. Hard to believe that it could get any better really, but it does.

On top of that I designed myself a new header for the blog

With #DPCON13 only 72 days away I really need to decided on an appearance and what not so as to be able to organise a business card or two. As clueless as I may be I know enough to know if I want to even be considered as a serious contender for anything, then a business card and streamlined identity are not a bad idea.


All in good time I guess.

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  1. Sounds like a great family day!

    1. It really was a wonderful morning. We were all so worn out that it led to a rather quite afternoon

  2. Wow, that kayak looks cool, I better show my hubby this. So nice to have a day that goes well, my front door was like a train station yesterday, I couldn't get anything done.

  3. I really love the look of that kayak - and I bet your arms are sore. I also love the new blog header :)

  4. A friend of mine and her husband run a kayaking business nearby, I keep "meaning" to do a tour with them but I am so unfit I wonder how I'd cope. I guess I'll have to make sure I book the "beginner" package!

  5. Every household could use a pump like that ;-). Am loving the new blog header. Great work.

  6. I love the new header! Can't wait to meet you at DPCon13 x

  7. Wow! This looks a lot of fun! Kayak, camping, and dinner with the family on a perfect day is priceless. A good night's sleep completes the list and I'm pretty sure you had one, right? Wishing for more 'happy days' for you and your family. :)

  8. Love the header!! Nothing better than a day that is surprisingly good!!


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