Sunday, January 13

I Love Your Blog...

Keeping Miss Two company at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning because for some reason she wants to be awake when the rest of the house and society at large, would much prefer to be sleeping. Apparently it is not really acceptable to let them fend for themselves at that age or time. Though this morning I was actually a willing participant in the whole get out of bed thing.

Due to some careful planning I found myself in a position where I had managed to get a sufficient amount of glorious rest and relaxation and awoke feeling energised and ready to go. It was actually a rather nice feeling to tell you the truth. Anyway, by the time I went to the toilet and walked down stairs, all I was really ready for was a bit of scrolling through my Facebook page while I lounged on the couch.

One of the first posts I came across was from Mum Talks Autism talking about an awesome new link up that was all about sharing some bloggy love. Which as you can imagine I am all over like a red rash. There is nothing I love more than sharing bloggy love, especially in the midst of the awfulness that has been created by those who shall not be named over at a site I am naming nor linking.

I Love Your BlogIn her inaugural post for the I Love Your Blog link you MTA spoke of the heartbreaking post by EssentiallyJess titled Dunmurra. Which I have to admit sprang to my mind the instant I heard about the meme. One of the fascinating aspects of the post for me is that Jess and I lived in the same area at the time yet I can not recall it.

But I digress. Back to the post that I loved most in the week just gone.

It was a tough one because there were just so many to choose from. In the end I have decided to that the post I loved most this week goes to...

(drum roll please)

A to Z of Zen. A is for...
Without a doubt everything that was mentioned was something I could take on board to being a better me. Which I just loved.

I stumbled upon this little beauty of a blog thanks to IBOT You see it wasn't just this post that had me going, this is what my life needs, no. It was post after post. I can't recommend strongly enough that you head on over to and say hi to Lisa from Random Acts of Zen.

And then when you've finished there head back over to MTA and share which blog post has been your favourite this week.


  1. One of the things I love about link ups is how you can fall across a blog that absolutely resonates with you, and you have a new wonderful blog to read. Cool eh?

    Thanks for stopping by mine, and for the fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. :)

    1. My pleasure lovely and you are so right about that being one of the best parts about linking up.

  2. I loved the random acts of zen post too. It really got me thinking!!

    1. Yes it was great wasn't it. There were so many other great posts there as well

  3. Oh Rhianna, you gorgeous doll!! I'm just catching up with online life for the last couple of days, and spotted this post. This linky is a great idea, and i'm definitely joining in.
    Thanks again Rhianna xx
    PS, stupid o'clock just made me snort my coffee :)


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