Wednesday, January 30

Wordless Wednesday - Walking in the bush

Refusing to believe that the last day of the school holidays were really here, Monday morning saw us pack up the car and head out bush for the day. I really do love that within a few short hours I can totally surround myself in the bush.

Here are a few pictures from our day at Litchfield National Park

 This is the smaller of the two falls at Wangi. I had my big lens on so the distance for getting the bigger of the two falls was no good.

Looks like a beautiful like a beautiful place for a swim. Sadly though there is no swimming here at the moment. One of the reasons is because of the crazy currents that are created by the falls. Mind you, you can't see the big waterfall to understand what I am really saying. Damn me and my lazy butt that refused to walk back to the car and get the right lens.

 This is the other reason that you can't go swimming. The excitement levels at seeing this little fella were sky high I can tell you. He was only a tiny tacker, couple of months old at most, so no real threat, unless of course mumma is nearby then it is a whole other story.

I actually went to take a photo of this guy when I spotted the little croc above. Interestingly enough no one was to fussed about looking at the spider once the croc was spotted.

I know that they are probably more weed than flower, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think they are pretty. There is also a little buggy thing playing hide and seek in this photo.

Quite possibly more flowering weeds and this time not as pretty but I like getting down and pretending I know how to adjust the settings to take such photos as what was in my minds eye when I saw this.

 If you look hard, like really, really hard there is a rock wallaby in here.

These guys are Florence Falls, I hope you appreciate the effort I went to with this one. It was not an easy walk with Miss Two on my hip or dragging her feet slowly behind me when I refused to carry her any further.

Joining in with Trish and the gang for Aussie Wordless Wednesday with possibly a few too many words


  1. What lovely photos. I love the waterfalls

  2. Just gorgeous photos Rhianna, I gotta get my kids back to the bush soon, I adore it and grew up in it! I hope 'back to school' has been easy for you all x

  3. Lovely pictures! This last shot is amazing!

  4. Wow what a beautiful place. Great pics!!

  5. Those are indeed lovely photos. Love them!

    Happy Thursday, Rhianna!


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