Saturday, January 12

Breaking all the rules

That is what this post is doing. Breaking rules. Who's rules I am not really sure but without a doubt rules will be broken. Even starting this post with the intention of posting it later this afternoon is a rule breaker.

Daredevil that I am.

How is this such a rule breaking post? Well I have already posted once today and I am sure that I read once that posting once a day is all that is ever needed. I know I am not alone because the lovely Kate wrote the other day how she too intends to be a rule breaker. And let's face it, if it is good enough for Kate then it is good enough for me. Because we all know how many different types of awesome Kate is.
(btw I just broke another rule because the word because, is never really meant to start a sentence told you I was a dare devil)

Rules are such a funny thing.

For me they are a prime example of can't live with them and can't live without them. I get why we need rules, well I get why we need some rules. People are too stupid to adequately think for themselves. Or rather people are selfish and sometimes only think of themselves. Rules are meant to help even the playing field.

I struggle with rules in many different ways on a regular basis. This is both in terms of being a rule creator and enforcer as well as upholder.


In the early days of my blogging, I tried to create a whole heap of stupid rules that I was sure if I followed I would hit the blogging jackpot. My self imposed rules included post length and photos. Not to mention the obvious post every day but only once a day. Like a lot of my rules I never bothered following them for very long.

Life is just easier that way. It only makes sense to prefer the easy. For me life would be easier without rules to follow, till I am lost and need direction of course.

The main reason for this post was because I had it in my head that I wanted to see how often I could regularly post for. Turns out the answer is just shy of two weeks. Saturday saw me fail to get a post out.

Break a self imposed rule if you will.

Only every time I go to the blog and see that the month of January has a day without posting I get a little cross with myself. Mainly because I really thought that I would have been able to go a lot longer than not even two weeks. So in a bid to continue my momentum I am back posting.

After all it is only for one day and I am a rule breaker.

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