Thursday, January 17

Trusting Your Intuition

Slowly the day is slipping away from me. As it so often does. This is the third or fourth, perhaps even more, attempt at writing today. Once again there is so much to say that I literally just can't think of where to begin. Not to mention all the things I keep thinking I should be be doing instead of fluffing around on the interwebz.

Miss Eleven returns home tomorrow. Super big yay for that. There is much to be done before then though. I wanted to make sure her room was all lovely. She left it in a bit of a mess and while I know she should be made to take responsibility for it all, who wants to return to a crappy room? I keep saying to myself that maybe if everything is all in place she will be able to keep it that way. Then I remember how many times I have had that conversation. Way to many to count.

Ideally I wanted this post to be about fairies. Only I am not sure I really have the right mind frame to do it justice. As I have previously mentioned I believe in fairies. So much so that they even have their own label. Staying true to my form though I don't actually write about them nearly as often as I should. I don't write about anything nearly as much as I should.

The other day, my neighbour who was due to return home from her five week holiday late that night, asked me to pop in turn some lights on for her and make sure she had some milk for the morning. Which of course was no worries at all. I have waited a long time to have a neighbour like her and am thankful the universe finally sent her my way.

The problem arose when I looked at her fridge.

You see on it there was a magnetic picture frame and in it was a fairy card. A fairy card that I was certain was mine. This certainty was based on the fact that the picture frame it was enclosed in was also mine. Certain I was. So certain, I called in Miss Six who was patiently waiting outside for me. Poor little mite was confused as to why she could now come inside when not two minutes prior I had made it quite clear she was not to step foot inside as my neighbour did not need to be looking at dirty little footprints the moment she walk in the door.

Anyway, there we were, standing at my neighbour's fridge with me asking her if she had for some reason given our neighbour (who I should possible think of a name for maybe Ms H?) Scrunching her little face up I could see that Miss Six clearly thought I was slightly crazy. She had no recollection of said picture frame, not even a hint of recognition.

Perhaps a normal person would have just let it be. As we all know I am far from what normal should be. Especially when this was the card in question.

Ok not the actual card of Ms H's fridge,
but this is the same card, just from my deck
Yep you read right. Trust Your Intuition. What hope did I have of just actually letting this go and forgetting how certain I was that for some crazy reason Ms H had my fairy card on her fridge?

Showing that I do actually have a concept of self control and personal space, I somehow refrained from pulling Ms H's home apart to see if she had her own deck of fairy cards from which this could come from, I returned to my humble abode to count my own deck and confirm my suspicions. I had thought of just calling Ms H and demanding an explanation as to why she was keeping my card on her fridge but then thought better of it.

Well you can imagine my surprise when low and behold I still had 44 cards in my fairy deck. Perhaps Ms H had not absconded my card after all? While I had no explanation on where the card on the fridge came from, at least I could now rest assured that it was not mine.

Since I had the cards in my hot little hands I decided that perhaps what my intuition was trying to tell me was that I needed to connect with the fairies?

The first three cards that I pulled were

Look Inside Yourself, Financial Flow, Honouring Your True Feelings
All of which I felt an instant relevance to. Actually as I was writing out the affirmations that accompanied the cards (the sticky notes) I began to feel a strange sense of calm.

Earlier in the day I had been discussing with others the issue of trying to find the money for my #DPCON13 ticket as the whole sponsorship thing has not quite panned out yet. (Still available though if you are brand looking to splash some cash on advertising) The Financial Flow card gave me the peace of mind not to worry any further, which was nice. Especially since the last couple of days had seen a flurry of interest in this little old blog.

However constantly having a need for more I decided to pull a few more cards, this time consciously thinking of the blog.

Stand Your Ground, Make Music, Parenting and Children.
Each card filled with it's own special message, that as I was writing out the affirmation I could feel start to grow within me. But more on that later. This post has rambled on for more than long enough I am sure. Never fear though, I have a feeling that the fairies will soon be making a much regular appearance.

In the meantime have you heard the news about my rather awesome giveaway? 
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  1. I have that deck too! Love the art work on them, and the powerful messages they have.

    On my bucket list this year is to go to a blogging conference. DPCON 13 would be great but like you need sponsorship. Hopefully the fairies will provide x

  2. I have left little fairy things around for the children to find, in the hope that it gives them a warm and fuzzy fairy wonderment, an elf called Fred left a letter exchange box for my reluctant to write son, and a garden fairy took up residence in the children's flower garden recently too. She sits and watches over their seedlings.

  3. Obviously you just needed to go through your pack again for a reminder of their messages!

  4. I'm a fairy fan too.
    I have a fairy tarot deck that I only just bought recently, and I'm trying to choose a card every day to help me to get to know the cards, but I keep forgetting.
    Glad to know your neighbour didn't take your card :)


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