Monday, January 28

I must confess I slacked off a bit

It's late and I am posting. Even though I know that at this time of night most people are sleeping rather than reading hot off the press blog posts. Sometimes things just can't be helped. The silver lining looker in me says that at least I am posting. Which is more than what can be said of the last few days.

One of the selfies I took when I was off having
fun rather than blogging 
I could blame school holidays or my sister visiting or Australia Day or a dear friend stuck in hospital or a thousand other things but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.

A few days into the new year I realised that I had managed to write every day. I felt a bit pleased with myself and decided to see how long I could make it last. My goal was a month but the back of my mind was thinking big, maybe a year? After all anything is possible.


Sadly this calendar year will not see writing every day. Nor will the month of January for that matter. The last few days have been a flurry of activity that have seen blogging take a back seat.

Which is kinda how life is meant to be though so it is all good. While I may confess to a lot of things, there are not too many that get me down.

Having such a wonderful and supportive readership means that it is ok not to write every single day. Which is awesome and I love that. As a writer that doesn't write nearly as much as she should the whole posting every day was more about actually writing than anything else.

Like many I still struggle with the delicate balancing act while juggling the balls of life. For the most part though, I do feel like I get a little closer each day. Of course some days the gains and losses can be vast and one outweigh the other. That is just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

After actually working hard on something last week I decided to forget about my nightly blogging.

Well I didn't forget, I chose.

I chose to spend the evenings chilling Mr Awesome as we reminisced about our first date...ten years ago. Though technically when I think about it our first first date was actually back as shy teenagers probably twenty years ago. The ten years is just from this time when we got it right. Though I know everything happens for a reason and all that so I don't begrudge the time we had of discovering ourselves but that is all for posts on another day.

Spending the evenings chilling with Mr Awesome turned out to be a much better choice than the one that saw us going down the track on an adventure with our besties. Which will also need a post of it's own. Make sure you pop back next week to hear me confess as to why I am not a bike rider.

This week the confessional prompt over at My Home Truthss is your first post. My first post on this little old blog can be found here. It is just as random as the segue I just did there.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

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