Sunday, January 20

Sunday Session - The Just Dance Edition

The other week when I heard that Cass was going to return Sunday Sessions to the web I was over joyed. It wasn't like I was a regular linker when Thea hosted but it was one that I did like to drop in on when the mood arose. Having said that though, I failed to get my act together enough to actually link up last week.

Never fear though I am here now and some may even say with bells on!

For Christmas, Santa kindly left the girls the latest copy of Just Dance. It is great because it is one that we can all play together and it gets everyone moving. It is with this game in mind I present to you this week's Sunday Session.

These are some of our favourite songs to dance to from the game

The girls were suitably impressed when I explained the story behind the song. It actually turned out to be quite a geography lesson as they then wanted to see it all on maps and what not!

Next up is

Mind you in searching for a clip for this one I came across the original, which the girls found pretty hilarious. (As did I)

Oh how times change hey?

Make sure you head on over to Cass Can Sew for more musical musings.

Oh and did I mention that I had a giveaway going at the moment?


  1. Oh wow! Yes, how times change everything! I keep expecting the original to be like the newer version, and my brain can't seem to cope with the differences!

  2. Times certainly do change!

  3. We must have a different version of Just Dance Rhianna because I can't say I've ever heard those two songs before. Isn't life just one big history lesson with kids? Love it!

    Anne xx

  4. WOW! Those are certainly different songs!!
    Times do change!

  5. I love the original! I have a soft spot for all things "vintage" though. They just don't make things like they used to! lol.
    Istanbul has been a favourite of mine since I was a little one.
    Thanks so much for linking up hun... hope you make it back next week xo


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