Saturday, January 19

This week's blog loving

I Love Your BlogAs I was making way round my blog reading duties this week I was consciously trying to decide which  post was going to be the 'one' featured here today. Turned out that it has been a big week in the Australian blogosphere. Well at least in the parts of it that I frequent.

The ever awesome EssentiallyJess, host of the infamous IBOT link that sees Tuesday bloggers unite in a frenzy of comment sharing love, eloquently wrote about how sleeping at the end of the world showed her the benefits of stretching oneself sometimes. It certainly got me thinking about what areas I could, if not should, stretch myself in. Lord knows there are plenty of areas that I fail to push myself through so perhaps stretching will work better?

Motherhood itself is all about stretching. Zanni, over at Heart Mama had a post about connecting with the older child when younger siblings enter the scene.With such big age gaps between my girls, five years and then four years, I never felt too stretched in the early years of multiple children. Recently however it is a whole other story.

Recently mothering has become more challenging than ever before for me. I was never one to struggle to meet the demands of a newborn. Or buckle under the constant barrage of the toddler years. No, to me they were a breeze, one that I sailed through with ease and enjoyment. Give me a prepubescent preteen however and I am suddenly at my wits ends. Grace summed it up perfectly with her great post on resistance and acceptance.

Everything just seemed so simple when they were babies. They cried, I picked them up. From there I would check the nappy situation, followed by the offer of food, cuddles or playtime and failing all that it was bedtime. Simple. As a breastfeeder for over a total of seven years, shoving the baby on my breast, if you pardon the expression, was the answer to all my prayers on many occasion.

Thankfully, no one ever had the balls to come and question, comment or ask me to move somewhere more discreet, while I was in the throws of tending to my child's needs aka breastfeeding. When I say thankfully I say so not because I would have been left mortified from such comments but because I would have been forced to beat said person with my nappy bag. Mind you one of the best posts I have seen on the topic is over at Good Golly Miss Holly. Take that narrow minded morons.

But I digress, my most favourite post of the week is over at
The Heroes In Our Lives
A poignant post about who are the real heroes in the world today. 
Who should we be encouraging our impressionable children to look up to?

Honestly if you are only going to click through one link on here, make it that one. Though of course that means you would miss out on the opportunity to enter my awesome giveaway but hey that is your call.


  1. Thank you lovely for the link to Heart Mama. Your words are lovely. xx

  2. Blog Loving ;o)
    What a great idea!

  3. Hey Rhianna, I love this post! I too was really lucky while breastfeeding, and copped minimal flack or attention. To be very honest, just because we feed our babies doesnt make us tougher or good at confrontation - I wouldn't have handled it. I need nappy bag skills!! As my girls get older I'm baffled daily and can't find the words.., and the eldest is only 5. God help me.... Xxx


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