Thursday, January 17

Things I Know About School Holidays

Things I Know
I know that I really and truly love the school holidays. I am by no means one of those mum's that dreads the start of school holidays. Nor do I long for them to come to an end. In fact quiet the opposite.

I know one of the things I love most about the school holidays is that time almost ceases to exist. There is rarely a need to be anywhere at any particular time, particularly before 9 am in the morning.

I know that I do not miss the morning chaos that comes with the school term. Not at all. Not one single bit. Quite the opposite in fact. The peace and tranquility that resides over the morning during holiday time is pure and utter bliss.

I know that school holidays are all about having fun and getting outdoors so we can make the most of our time together. It means we get to do things like...

early morning kayak paddles

 climbing to the tallest tower

 frolic in rock pools

 hang out at public pools

have pancake picnic breakfasts

I know that the fact there is only one week left of the school holidays makes me a tad sad. Actually it makes me a lot sad.

I know that even though I am sad about the holidays ending there is also a lot of good that will come of it. Like being able to slot in a run without anyone complaining that they don't want to go.

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  1. I always thought the best thing about school holidays was no making lunches in the morning. It's been four years since my baby left school... and some days I still make his lunch. I'm such a sucker like that!

    Enjoy the final days of the hols. Make the most of it! x

  2. I share your love of the school holidays Rhi. I'm loving being home with the kids at the moment and not having a plan and not having to be anywhere. Unfortunately my older 2 thrive on routine and are a little more stressed about not knowing what's going on every day - but you can't please everyone, can you?

  3. I am another mum who relishes the holidays, I love my little guys being around, and the slower pace. Also the chance to do some family projects. I really must enter the planner thing, it is right up my street

  4. Yep I love the holidays too. Totally not addy to go back to school yet

  5. I know all of those things too Rhianna!
    I'm actually dreading the end of the hols. I don't want my baby to be starting school :(

  6. I'm not there with the school holiday routine yet. The twinlets are already back at daycare and for 3 days a week this year. I'm sure though school is just around the corner! It'll get here quicker than I realise!

  7. I know that I now like school holidays!
    I know that I do not miss the early morning races and trying to get everyone up and organised.
    I know that this morning I realise that my kids have 2 full weeks left of holidays!!
    ARGH!! I know I am not going to fall back in to the routine very easily!

  8. I'm just about to learn about the chaotic school mornings, but am going to try and get organised to getting my two boys out the door with their big 'school' girl sister isn't too stressful (yeah right) :)


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