Saturday, January 5

Instagram Weekly

Hello and welcome once more to the new year. The first week of which is nearly up which means we will no longer feel obliged to reference the new year. Thanks to the lack of connection in the final weeks of 2012 and being very busy with the whole Christmas and family thing it has been quite some time since I last played along with Tina.
So without any further ado here are my recent additions to Instagram

Not long after finally getting my phone back and working I found myself with five minutes to spare so I headed to one of my favourite places. As luck would have it there was a bit of weather passing through as well. Pure bliss I tell you.

This is a double frangipani flower. It makes me smile no end. It is one of the first things that I was ever able to successfully steal and grow. Not that I stole it so much as took a cutting without asking from a public place.

This is what they look like on the tree. They are too high for me to get any better.

We celebrated the new year at our besties house. We made ginormous vegetable pizza and cooked it in the weber. Oh so yummy!!!

This is one of those photos where I was sure it was to receive a whole heap of likes. As it turned out it was a photo that reminded me not everyone see things the way I do.

If you want to know more about this one then you need to go here to read about it.

Seriously, how do I manage to squeeze the 2kg bar of sugar into the 1.75kg container? Obviously I am just awesome, well, at least that is preferable to the I am getting ripped off option!

Miss Two asked me to take a photo of her three little mice. Her super clever Nan made them and they are greatly loved and played with. Not to mention super cute.

These little beauties were made by Miss Two and I. It was all a spur of the moment thing really. She was watching me put the flour away when she said
"Me crack eggs, you mix milk, lets bake"
Sadly we didn't have any icing. But thankfully they were yummy enough without it.

This was the view from my back yard Friday night. I really do love a good sunset.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


  1. Well I love the shadow picture! And those frangipanis are beautiful! Great pics. I'll be glad for things to get back to normal, too!

  2. I so need a happiness jar today :-) Love the pics too x

    1. Well it is never too late to start one Dannie

  3. Great shots. How crazy has this weather been lately.

    1. Ours hasn't been too crazy bar from being a little on the warm side. Still waiting for the rains to set in proper

  4. I love the Frangipanis! They were my wedding flowers. :)

    1. I am a bit of a fan of them as well Jodi, I have four different types of the flowers growing in my garden

  5. Looks like a fab week. Love the happiness jar! I am gonna do that!

  6. I love a beautiful sunset also. We get some rippers at my house also.


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