Tuesday, October 11

Peace and Quiet

That is what I have right now and I am just loving it!  Absolute bliss I tell you.  After much nagging all afternoon hubs finally decided to take the kids out for a swim in the pool.  Despite having spent the morning at the water park they still wanted an afternoon dip.  Given how hot and sticky it is I can't really blame them.

The build up appears to be nearly here.  According to a friend via fb it was 35 degrees today with 78% humidity.  (read sticky sticky sticky)  The kind of sticky were your body has sweated so much there is in fact no more sweat left.  Yep I am sure when you live in the tropics you can run out of sweat.

A few suburbs have had rain but as yet where ever I am has been dry and I have just about had enough.  As much as I love the Dry Season I by October I am ready for some rain.  Ready for that cool fresh feeling that is in the air after a shower.  Inhaling in all that newness and fresh life that comes with rain.  Everything so green.  Lush.  Vibrant and strong thanks to nutrients falling from the clouds.  A somewhat visible cycle of life.

But back to the silence.  The only sound to be heard is the whirring of the fan and my fingertips upon the keypad.  Total. Utter. Bliss.

There is so much I want to be doing with this time.  So much I am doing with this time.  Catching up on blog reading and commenting, solving my own commenting issues.  Thanks to a quick Tweet response from Little Hero Hosting I seem to be able to post comments on people's blogs again.  Mind you I also receive an email from every comment I leave on APL so I still need to iron out a few creases.

There has been lots of discussions of late about sponsorship and the Digital Parents Conference in March. Part of me would truly love to go but I doubt it would really be doable.  I mean it is one week after my birthday so I could try and swing it as a birthday present, and if I bought the air plane ticket on sale (of course providing there is a sale before then)...maybe I could convince myself this would be an ok experience to try. (Ignoring palpatations in chest purely thinking about all that travel/time by myself)


Tomorrow is the return of school.  Ten weeks of the academic year left.  Doesn't seem long when it is put like that.  I am looking forward to just spending time with only DD3 again.  I have big plans on the horizon.  You know of being organised and stuff.  On top the housework and all that.  Being super mum extraordinaire.  I know it is possible.  I am already off to a good start with this post.  It is like the third in as many hours.  Though I will schedule this one for some random time in the future.  Which I might point out has been a plan of mine for a while.  Fingers crossed it will become a regular occurrence.

Well it has been a while since they left so it is probably not that long till they return.  Sensible Suzy says that I should go and get a jump start on dinner.  With all the water activity of today I am sure there are some hungry and tired little bodies about.

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