Monday, October 10

Monday Mention - Diary of SAHM

Well once again it is Monday and once again I am linking up with the lovely Tammy over at Ramblings of a Broken Hearted Mummy for her Monday Mention link up.

This week I would like to introduce you to a lovely mummy blogger who is one of my regular reads.  One of the things that I love most about is that she actually lives quite near to me.  Since in the scheme of things I really live in nothing more than a big town (despite it technically being a capital city) I think it is pretty cool that I managed to stumble across a local blogger.  I am sure that there are probably many many local bloggers near me but as yet I haven't found you :(

So this lovely mum to four is open and honest in her writing.  As well as a little crazy (in that awesome kind of way) and highly entertaining.  She tackles the big issues head on and continually puts herself out there.  So without further adieu I would like to share with you

Click the little butterfly and it will take you straight over to the ever so lovely Jess at Diary of SAHM  Make sure you put your feet up, grab drink and have a good poke around,
 there are some great posts over there.