Friday, February 8

Just one long drag.

After trying, but not quite achieving, a little post every day challenge for the month of January I entered February feeling somewhat drained. And by somewhat drained I mean pretty darn exhausted. Though the ridiculous weather and my sudden desire to exercise may also play some part in the feeling of exhaustion that currently plagues my body.

Or perhaps the return to school and all that comes with it has been my downfall and it is that which has left me void of all energy for blogging?

More than likely a combination of both and about a thousand other things that have not quite gone to plan in recent times. But then when does anything really ever go to plan?

As the second week of school draws to a close it, the holidays already feel like a distant memory. The prospect of the Easter break is still too far away to really look forward to. And so the drag of life continues.

Only it shouldn't. Life shouldn't be a drag. It should be lived and enjoyed with each day being made the most of. Yet as I sit here right now, it feels anything but made the most of. Instead it all seems like just one long drag.


I don't want it to be a drag, really I don't but the mundane of it all this mothering sometimes is just too much to bear.

How do you not make doing the same thing day in and day out a drag?

Sure I can spice things up with a trip to the park here and an outing there but in between all of that there are still mountains of washing waiting ever so patiently to be washed, folded and put away. Just like the never ending cycle of dishes. Always needing to be done.

Double sigh.

I saw the above quote floating around the traps in the last week. Naturally I can't remember where and rather than spend all night looking for it I thought it easier to just whip one up myself. I need to embed this into my brain.

A reminder that I am actually making progress, regardless of how small it might be.

Joining in with Grace for some Friday blog flogging fun


  1. I know exactly what you're saying. It's like we're living for the exciting moments but they're too few and far between. And I don't know how to make them happen more often!? I guess it's learning to enjoy the simple things as exciting things? A quiet afternoon at home, a trip to the park or the beach, learning to be peaceful and content in those "boring" times? Don't ask me how though, I've no idea!

  2. I haven't felt like its a drag for a while, but honestly, my last few weeks have been so busy, I haven't had much chance to think anything!
    But I get what your saying. My house is not looking at me lovingly.

  3. I have times like this but keeping a balance works for me. A little blogging, a little running, a little tv. No one thing dominates.
    If I feel low in energy I often need some exercise or shiatsu helped recently. Hope you feel better soon. X

  4. I hope things feel better soon. And screw the housework, especially the washing. If it doesn't smell it can be worn again ;)

  5. I started Jan like that too.. mountains of mundane things to do but luckily for us here, Chinese New Year is this weekend so there's lot of excitement in the air :) hope things brighten up soon! there's Vday to look forward to next week! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Honey, if we didn't have shadows, we wouldn't appreciate the sunlight. It is ok to have off days. It is ok to feel that things are going a little slowly, because sometimes life is like that. If you paint a smiley face on a stone... It is still a stone. Maybe write a list on the fridge of easy, simple things to do on slow days. Look at the garden, read a story, put your clothes on backwards. Have a bath in the middle of the day. Just simple stuff to do that might shake things up a bit... Or just get out a game or puzzle that is normally stored out of reach, let the children play and read a book for a bit. You are entitled to a little rest every now and then xxxxxxxx

    1. Ps... Children love to be occupied by watching a slide show of photos of themselves.. I am sure you have enough to have a cuppa and relax

  7. Oh I completley understand
    Life i quite busy at the moment, so the "drag" hasn't kicked in
    I do not like it when it does
    Winter has a three-month feeling of "drag" for me
    I spend three months holding my breathe and waiting for the sun
    Hope this time passes soon xx

  8. Sometimes it really is just getting through each day until the next 'thing', like Easter, school photos, holidays, visitors, birthdays. It is hard to brighten up each day.

  9. Hugs. I hope it gets better. I don't know what else to say, so will just offer more hugs. x

  10. I totally agree on that quote Rhianna. It's the story of my life but I still need a reminder here and there. Love to you! xxx

  11. I'm gong through that right now Rhianna, but thankfully I have something to look forward to - a trip away with my sisters at the end of this week, it couldn't come soon enough - I seriously need a break, I actually called my son a little shit - to his face - life is bloody hard, especially when it's like groundhog day. Plan a day away for yourself, no guilt allowed

  12. I love that quote. I had so many days feeling like nothing was going forward this week, like nothing was happening, lack of opportunities...

  13. I use music to make it less mundane. I put my iPod on in the car to pick the boys up and I love dancing around in the kitchen with my favourite 80's tunes when cooking diner. It might be hard, but you can get over the hump of the mundane.

  14. I know exactly where you are coming from. Its the same thing day in and day out. I too do what Grace does. I put my headphones on and do the daily chores listening to music. It motivates me to get it all done and seems to take less time to do them.


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