Friday, October 21

Things I Know - A very mixed bag

OMG!  What a week that I know!

As I sit here rather late on Friday night there is so much I know and even more I don't.

I know I missed being a part of TIK last week.  I had been concerned that I was being consumed by memes rather than actual writing.  I thought that perhaps a break was in order and I feel I may have been on the money.

I know that I have written some posts this week that I am particularly proud of.  Oh alright if you really want to know which ones they are go here, here and here.  The last few days have been rather emotional for me and it felt good to get some of it out into words.

I know that I have made a few recent discoveries about myself and I feel somewhat positive and motivated about what life has to offer if I want to go out in search of it.

I know that I need to remember that at the end of the day I am not really responsible for the way people interpret what I say or write.  As long as I know my intentions were honourable and in my own mind I am doing the right thing nothing else matters.

I know that my heart is always in the right place.

I know that I loved not leaving the house at all today.  Well apart from when I went swimming.  Which is at home but not in the house if you know what I mean.  I also know that I could happily not leave my house until 8am Monday morning.  I know that I love the fact that may well be a possibility.  I feel rather vulnerable at the moment and the safety within these walls is so comforting.

I know that when I wake tomorrow I will feel refreshed and recharged.  There is much to be done around here and getting it done gives me the perfect justification for fulfilling my desire to stay at home.

I know that with time, patience, understanding and open communication anything can be resolved.

I know that this is all I have to share for now.  If you want to know more stuff that other people know then head over and click the things I know box at the top of the post.