Sunday, October 9

Medication, Housekeeper, Nanny or All of the Above

After surviving the Bunnings BQQ fundraiser I greet Saturday night slightly before exhaustion.  The constant late nights this week are the main reason for any real lack of energy though.  That and the fact it is the end of an action packed school holidays that has seen much excitement and activity, but that is all another post in itself.  Due to being to tired we are having a Saturday night at home (don't you love the way that sounds like most Saturday nights we have something to do?) Which means I get a chance to catch up on some of my favourtie blogs.

The first one I stopped by tonight was Gemma over at My Big Nutshell who was raising the question what would you prefer a Nanny or Housekeeper?  She had asked her Face Book likers what they would choose.  The resounding result was a Housekeeper, so they would be able to spend more time doing fun things with the kids.  

Gemma however would opt for a Nanny.  She makes some very valid points as to why she has such a preference.  After watching her Vlog I found myself longing for a Nanny as well, even if only for a few hours a week.  Which is a bit strange to hear myself say as until now I feel a little lost if I am not looking after little ones.

One of Gemma's main reasons for a Nanny was so she could housework without being constantly interrupted.  Which got me thinking.  Perhaps that is why I can't get any housework done?  The kids keep interrupting me.  Which then got me thinking how lovely it would be if there was a Nanny around to help out.  I suddenly found myself flashing into a Brady Brunch style life where Alice was there flipping the eggs for breakfast while I buttered the toast she just cooked and sipped on the coffee she had just made.

Oh deeeeeep looong sigh.........

Wouldn't that be nice?  An Alice.  Someone who was just there to get on with those niggily little things that really give life that super sweetness.

Then as I picked up the freshly made (by Alice) lunches and put them in the respective school bags, Alice would clear the dishes and tidied the kitchen.  The children and I would calmly and quietly walk out the door off to start our day with a full tummy and a yelling free morning.  Imagine the things we could do if our day started off like that...

Instead my reality is a mad search for matching socks after a ten minute hunt for all the other needed clothes for the day.  Of course before all of this there was a 15 minute discussion over what breakfast should consist of and trying to find a happy medium between what is actually in the cupboard and what they desire.  Throw into this bits of not done homework, unread readers and a pile of dinner dishes that should have been done the night before.

Arrrhhhhh.  No wonder some mothers scream.  Or drink.  Or both. A Nanny would ensure readers are read, homework is done, breakfast is served and lunches made all without anyone turning into a bluthering mess.

Alternatively, Gemma suggested we could be medicated to numb the burning desire to yell and scream and stamp feet when things don't go as smoothly as if they would if Alice were around.  Which I gotta tell you I have wondered about myself.  Some times, on those days when nothing has gone to plan, when the too hard basket is overflowing, the thought of cooking dinner (aka surviving the witching hour) is too overwhelming and Mt Washmore has now become bigger than Mt Everest and there is a little person (or two or three) pulling at your leg...wouldn't it be nice if there was a pill that would just make it possible to have it all fixed in a sanely non yelling kind of way?

If there were some ingenious pill that could take all of that away, or make it some how copeable, I would take one in an instant.  Yes yes I know that I should just organise it so that crazy type of environment is never created but no one is perfect, least of all not even me. (like the positive note there)


This post was started last night, but due to waking children and stuff like getting them back to sleep getting in the way I didn't get it finished.  Which is a shame as now I have lost my train of thought.  Grrrr... and since everyone is waiting on me to get this finished so we can go to the water park I am crumbling under pressure and unable to think.  Grrr...grrr....grrrr....If I had a Nanny or a housekeeper or just an extra set of hands then the fruit for said outing would already be cut and in the packed ice bag ready for departure.

Sigh if only....