Monday, October 24

Me and...Oh that's right

There is no Me and YOU weekly link up any more. (insert sad face) Instead Karlee has wisely decided to move it to a monthly link up. The first being on November 1st so stay tuned for that one as I am sure it is going to be awesome.

Anyway after reading last week would be the last weekly link up, I have spent this last week wondering what I would about today.

See I really liked the regularity that I had built up with my Monday posts.  The weekly round up and focus for the next week worked quite well for me, even if I hadn't done much or set many goals to achieve.  At least it was something.  At least it kept me thinking about what I wanted, where I was going and a possible way of getting there.

I did think that I could just keep weekly posts in draft form for the month and then somehow pull it all together but I fear that this would not work for me.  I am a rather instant kind of person.  I may have already mentioned this once or twice but patience is not my strong point.  I even thought about trying to maintain a daily draft post that I would add to as I go but that didn't really pan out well either.

So here I am.

A little lost, a little distressed and surrounded by a lot of mess.

It hasn't been a good week to say the least.  Actually that is not true.  It started out as a great week, once I got over the shock of Me & YOU going monthly.  I managed to keep a fairly ok standard of housekeeping.  The washing was under control, the dishes never towered, life seemed pretty good.

Till I spent a bit longer at the school a few days in a row.  Then I had a morning shopping, plus I spent some time catching up with a friend.  By the middle of the week the house was not looking great.  The washing baskets were filling and the quest for underwear was beginning to no longer be at the fun stage.  Not to mention the dishes that seemed to once again be doing their best to multiply as rapidly as possible.

By the end of the week it was all out of control.  Worsened only by my delicate mental state which I gladly shared with my beloved readers.  I cried more on Friday than I have since I don't know when.  I honestly can not remember the last time I felt so gut wrenchingly heartbroken.  I actually intend on doing an entire post about it as I think that I actually got quite a lot out of my sadness.

Despite hubs working incredibly hard all weekend and removing an entire ute load of crap from our tiny little home the place is still a slight shambles.  There are dishes to be done, washing to not only be washed but also folded and put away.  At some point last week I started sorting out the girls room.  That actually translates into I completely trashed their already partially trashed area and it is currently unusable.

Though all is not lost.

I got out some really great posts.  Well maybe a better way of saying it is the posts that I got out last week have been read a lot more than other posts of late so I am feeling all awesome and inspired to keep writing.  Either way there is a lot of positivity around APL at the moment so I am going to use the buzz from that to create an energy to bring back the domestic goddessness I was slowly uncovering.

So onward I will go, even if it may be slow, little by little I'll get there, free from worry and without a care.