Monday, October 17

Me and YOU Monday - The Finale

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*sniff sniff*

Yep that's right the lovely Karlee over at The Mother Experiment, host of the personal improvement and life changing Me and YOU Monday, has said this will be the last ever week of Me an YOU.

I know, sad right?  Though I do totally understand her reasoning and the fact that it will now be a monthly link up offers me some condolence.

Deep sigh

It's just that I was really starting to feel that I was making some awesome headway in maintaining the house in an acceptable manner.  I know that just because Karlee's not hosting it any more doesn't mean I have to stop posting weekly updates of my continued struggle with housework but it just doesn't feel like it will be the same.  *runs off crying*

Ok.  Big breath in and start again.

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly three months since this project first started.  Yep 3 months.  I wish I could say that in that time I became a new person, one that resembles something of a domestic goddess but alas that is not the case.  I am still me (which I am a bit glad about as on the whole me is a pretty cool chick) and I am possibly never going to be a domestic goddess but I have slowly found myself developing a new attitude towards housekeeping. (See I even have a new term for it, keeping rather than working sounds a lot more appealing)

Over the past few weeks I have come to the realisation that the biggest hurdle I needed to overcome was actually my own poor attitude and habits.  Neither of which can exactly be easy to change but they not impossible either.  I honestly feel that if I just keep plodding along I will get there.  Who know's perhaps I might actually be able to increase the plod to a bit of a run and get there even quicker?

When I first read Karlee's post about Me and YOU going monthly I was horrified. Part of me wass concerned that flying solo without the link up each would mean that I might get distracted.  Lose sight of the bigger picture and somehow lose not only my way but also my motivation.  Then I realised that in many ways by going monthly I will be tackling the bigger picture rather than just looking for it.  Though I am a bit glad the first month is only actually fifteen days.

So from here until November 1st

  • I will ensure my house is clean and tidy
  • All washing washed, folded and put away as needed
  • The sink will be free from dirty dish towers and the floors will be regularly swept and mopped
  • Tables and bench spaces will be left clear and clutter free
  • Blog posts will be regular and awesome
All sounds pretty straight forward and easy really.

Only it's not.  There will  be ploys on my time and inclination.  My motivation will wax and wane with the moon.  Even my continued determination my ebb a little.  But I will not given in to it.  I will stay strong and focused.  I will get all of these little gritty things in order so I can get on with this thing called life.  

UPDATE - Pleased to say that Me & YOU has returned to weekly posts.  Here is the return if you are so interested