Thursday, October 6

Thankful Thursday - My Dad

Today is the second anniversary of dad's passing.

I remember thinking two years ago it will get easier with time.  I remember thinking last year I wonder when it will get easier with time?  This year I am not really ready to say it has gotten easier with time.  It hasn't gotten any harder but I am not sure that it is really easy yet either.  Regardless it is only fitting that today's thankful post be all about my dad, because Lord knows there is so much about him that I will always be eternally thankful for.

To start with I am thankful for the simple fact that he was my dad and he loved me with all his heart.  Something that I will never ever doubt.  Regardless of what happened I always knew he was there for me.  Always.

I am thankful that he (and of course mum) brought me up to be the caring, considerate and generous person that I am.  He was always there to help a mate in need and made sure that all his kids were the same.

I am thankful that even after a hard day at work he still had time to sit and talk and cuddle and play.  I am thankful that he had such a strong work ethic and always made sure that he had earnt his day's pay and instilled the same in me.  I am thankful that at some points in my childhood I got to go and help him at work.  It made me feel so grown up and useful.  I treasure those memories with all my heart.

I am thankful that I was able to have my dad walk me down the isle and give me away to the man I loved.  I am thankful also that our marriage had his blessing and when he went he knew that I was with someone who would love and care for me.

I am thankful that at least the two older girls got to know dad and were of an age when he passed that they will be able to remember him.  What I really am thankful for though is that he got to know them.  In the final years DD2 and I spent a lot of time with dad.  The look on his face when we would walk in the door was priceless.  You really could see it lift his spirits.  More treasured memories I will hold onto for ever.

As sad as I am about dad no longer being with us I am thankful that he was with us for as long as what he was.  Eighty years is a long time to walk the earth, I hope I get to last that long (and maybe a bit more actually).  I am also thankful that when it was time for him to go it was relatively quickly.  I am not sure I could have watched him suffer any more than what he did.

Finally I am thankful that now, two years on I am slowly able to talk about him without a flow of water works.  I still get teary but it is much better than what it was.

So what are you thankful for this Thursday?