Monday, October 10

Me and YOU - Still in the right direction

Yep that's right the last week has been nothing short of disastrous.  As I sit here there are dirty dishes to be found, washing to be done and piles of clothes patiently waiting to be folded and put away.  Every bench, table and surface space is covered with clutter.  It aint pretty.

On the upside though the floors have been vacuumed a couple of times and the dirty dishes are actually rinsed and nicely stacked and not that old yet. Still on the whole this weeks productivity levels on the housework front have left more than a little to be desired.  I know that I have the old we were busy with school holidays line but it is still no real excuse for the current debacle that is my house.  Especially since last week when I posted I seriously thought I was on top of it all.

That was last night when I was trying to at least be organised in the blog world.

This morning is a slightly different story (emphasis on slightly).  There is still a pile of washing patiently awaiting it's turn to be folded and put away.  Just as a few benches a waiting for their turn to be cleared and wiped.  There is however less dirty washing to wash and no more smelly wet towels laying around.  The tower of dishes has been reduced to a single story.  Hubs very kindly said this morning on his way to work that he would do them tonight as it was his turn.  I pointed out that meant I would have to look at the all day.  To which he responded with well go out for the day.

Despite hubs kind offer I got stuck into most of the dishes before the school run and will finish the rest off when I am done here.  Despite the current appearance of the place I know that for the most part it is only on the surface that looks out of control.  If I peer closer I can see that the foundations of my earlier hard work are still there as long as I act now.  That is the trick really.  Acting now, before it all becomes too much.  Taking the extra five minutes here and there to just do that little bit extra.  It all adds up in the end.  No, really it does.   Small things like washing the dishes as you go or folding the washing as you get it in.  Just little bits here and there really do help create a bigger picture that is much more manageable than in the past.

Now I must admit that in the past I have been a bit skeptical about the just doing little bits at a time but I am now starting to reassess.  So to really test the whole little bits here and there theory one of my goals for this week is to focus on doing little bits here and there to ensure that I continue in the right direction.

There are also a few other things that I will try and keep in the forefront of my mind.  Like time management and not being late.  Those who know me well know to add a good 15 minutes to any time I give before expecting me to turn up.  Being late all the time really is a sign of disrespect and does not set a good example for the kidlets so I am going to add that to the list of things I am going to work on.

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