Friday, October 28

Things I Know - This and That

In terms of blogging it has been a less than quiet week.  Though not completely from lack of effort.  This morning I spent nearly an hour sharing some really really (in my opinion of course) awesome words.  I had been planning on linking up with Kate for Thankful Thursday but apparently Blogger had other ideas as when I hit publish it kindly disappeared.

I know that blogging on the iPad is not always easier than going to the effort of actually just turning the computer on.

In addition to my failed iPad post I also have a draft post I am contemplating that probably won't get published, well at least not this week.  I have been in a pretty dark place of late.  Full of an almost self loathing (ouch) that included some pretty serious self beating over what should have been something small and unimportant as that is all it was.  No harm was ever meant.

I know that because of some actions in the real world I feel censored,  even here.  I know that at the end of the day I can post what I like and all that but there are some things best left unsaid.  Deep deep down I do know that.

This post has so far taken way too long to write.  Perhaps I don't know much after all? (I must admit I have had my suspicions)

Actually the slowness of words is possibly due to Outsourced being on.  Have you seen it?  Some serious funny stuff though it does need a certain type of humour.  I know that I was just terribly disappointed to read it never made it to a season two.  I guess that certain type of humour is more specific than I realised.

A few weeks ago hubs got all excited in setting up the iPad for our pending trip in January (eight glorious days in Sydney to see my sister and her new baby)  Apparently that entailed downloading a few movies which not only blew the monthly iTunes budget but also our download limit.  Thankfully that does not mean any excess charges just a slower connection speed.  I know I resented using the word speed just then as there is no speed in it whatsoever.  It is ridiculous.  On the upside any addiction that I may have been developing to any facebook games has been cured as the connection is so slow that none will load.  Major GRRRRRRRRR.  Bring on the new month for the reset.

Speaking of the new month means it is nearly time for NaNoWriMo.  Yep that's right I am going back again and this time I know I will finish it.  I know that I have come up with some great reasons as to why I haven't completed the last two years but that was then and this is now.  I know that I can do it, I know I have done it.

While I was blog reading earlier today I can across this which got me thinking maybe I should try NaBloPoMo.  Not really catchy and possibly not as challenging as 50,000 words in a month but certainly worth giving a go.  I know I am up for it.  Are you?

The final thing I know for today's link up with Yay For Home is that I should have gone to bed hours ago!  What about you? What do you know?