Friday, October 14

International Baby Wearing Week

Today I ventured to the neighbouring city to attend an International Baby Wearing Gathering.  You know coz it's like International Baby Wearing Week at the moment.

It was particularly nice because it also meant we got to hang out with The Besties that we don't get to see nearly enough.  The kids, as always had an awesome time playing with each other and we weren't really there nearly long enough, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Back to the Baby Wearing.

Naturally we got there late but thanks to a toilet pit stop the group was delayed and we were able to slip on in.  Now before I go too much further I must stop and point out that so far I have pushed my comfort zone more than a few times.  So feel free to give me a pat on the back.

You see the neighbouring city I speak of is not one I like very much. (Sorry to all who live there)  I lived there once and let's just say that it was far from the best time of my life.  Though a few good things did happen there I guess.  All of that is for another post though.  For now all you need to know is that for me the twenty minute drive to get there is not my idea of fun.  Don't get me wrong it is not the driving as such I have a problem with.  In fact I love to drive.  This place just makes me shudder and cringe.

As a long term local I can remember when this particular city was born.  I can recall the type of things that the paper and news would report when on there.  It wasn't nice.  I remember going there and not feeling safe.  The six foot fence in every front yard did little to convince me of other wise.

It wasn't so bad when I was living there (years later).  I had trouble shaking my preconceptions though.  On top of that it always felt hot and dusty and dirty there.  It is only now I am realising why.  But again that is another post.

So here I am off to a gathering of people in a place I don't really like.  Hang on.  Did I just say a gathering of people?  Not just fellow baby wearers either mind you, who might I add were mostly strangers.  The gathering I speak of was held at a fairly busy market square so cue noise, loads of people and chaos.  None of which really rate on my list of fun.

So why had I gone to such much apparent discomfort?

Well it was another lovely friend who was organising the gathering.  I don't do it nearly as much as I should but whenever possible I like to support whatever exciting thing she is up to.  I find her incredibly inspirational and always so full of energy.  She is like a ray of sunshine and always positive.  Plus she has two children the same age as my younger two and they play beautiful so it is nice for them to catch up every now and then as well.  I don't believe that the only friends should be through school.

As it turned out I had a nice time (which I guess I kinda expected because otherwise I wouldn't have gone)  Sadly there were not many other Baby Wearers there but it was a bit of a last minute gig with an even latter last minute time change.  On the up side though with there only being a few women there we were all able to chat more intimately.  Well as intimately as you can yelling over some terrible noise trying to be passed off as music.

Despite all reservations about going I am rather glad I did.  I was able to have a wonderful conversation with another lady who turned out to also be rather inspiring.  When she said I am not much of a consumer I thought I want to spend more time with you.  When she said that she lives on rural block of land I thought I want to spend more time with you at your house.  Naturally though I kept these thoughts to myself.

Are you a Baby Wearer? Was there a Baby Wearing event near you?