Monday, October 3

Me and YOU - Slowly slowly ever so slowly

So how did I go last week?  Well read on and find out!

As I write there are no piles of dirty dishes at my kitchen sink.  Nor are there piles of dirty washing waiting to be washed.  I mean there is washing waiting to be washed but it is not it's usual mountainous size.  I have accepted the fact that there will probably always be washing waiting to be done like much in life it is the size that matters.  As for the folding and putting away of washing...let's' just say there is a bit of that to do but it is not covering the couch, dinning room table or any other important area of the house.  There is a small mound in my bedroom but that has been there for so long now I am actually thinking I should just donate everything there as clearly we don't need it.

All in all not a bad effort I say.

I feel I can honestly say that for the majority of the week I was on top of most things or very close to it.  There was a day or two when everything was a shambles but we all know I am far from perfect (much to my disappointment at times) so really a shambles day here and there is to be expected and is a massive step up from the shambles weeks I used to have!

Now when I started this post (hours ago thanks to many interruptions) I had intended to write about the importance of priorities and how if I was able to prioritise a bit better, life would be, well a lot better.  Only now, that train of thought is once again lost.  Though I have been trying to get something out about priorities for over a week now...something/one always seems to get in the way.

In all honesty though trying to stay afloat of the housework has been a bit of an effort.  It has taken some readjustments and doing things a little different.  It has also meant sacrifices.  Actually the only real sacrifice has been computer time (which apparently is not a bad thing)  It is amazing how much more time there is in the day when computer time is drastically limited.

The real key I think is consistency.  Never letting things pile up and up and up so that they become overwhelming.  Doing little bits here and there really has made a difference to the overall picture.  I know that these are all common sense things and for a lot of people reading you will probably be wondering why I feel this is a startling revelation.  What can I say sometimes I am a little slow off the mark?  Actually I am a procrastinator that would much rather play with my children/computer than do housework.

So where to from here?

Well clearly I still have a long (read really really long) way to go before I even come close to achieving anything that resembles domestic goddessness.  But that's ok.  In fact I am not sure I will ever be a domestic goddess and I am not sure I really want to.  All I really want is to be able to have people over with out them feeling uncomfortable because they are sharing the couch with all our clean undies.  I would also like said people to be able to get a clean cup for their beverage and use the sink without fighting through the worlds largest tower of dirty dishes.  Not a big ask really.

For the coming week my goals are

  1. Maintain the house's current order (I did think of saying improve but I would much achieve than fail so maintain it is, after all there is nothing stopping me from improving it if I so desire)
  2. Declutter the table or the bench
  3. Be super busy outside the house lots in the hope it helps keep the inside clean (since it is school holidays being out and busy is not such a huge ask)
It is such a tricky juggling act though.  It feels like I can only do one thing.  I can have a clean and tidy house or blog lots or be busy at the school not all three at once.  Really my ideal dream goal is to have a  spotless house, awesome blog and help out lots at the school.  Not really much to ask is it?

Head on over to Karlee at TME to see how everyone else has gone.  And you know what it is not too late to join in if there are some areas of your life you wish to change.