Sunday, October 9

Why wont you let me comment??!!

That is what I am screaming constantly at my beloved iMac screen.  For some reason when ever I leave a comment it fails to actually appear and it is really starting to BUG me.  Actually as the picture suggests I feel like pulling my hair out.

I love comments.  I love leaving comments as well because I know that others love getting comments.  I hate that my comments are not showing up and I don't know how to fix it.

I think that it has something to do with the intensedebate comment thingy I installed a few weeks ago but I don't want to take it away as I love being able to reply directly to comments.  It just adds such a nice personal touch and allows more of a flowing conversation if the need arises.

Have you had a similar experience? Are you are techno guru that knows how to fix such things? Can you point me in the direction of how to go about fixing it?

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