Tuesday, March 29

Will I or won't I?

Sun rising over grasses and open space
I have been sitting here for a while now wondering on whether I should do a post or not. On the one hand I did manage to spit a few lines out earlier today so there is no 'real' pressure to post. On the other hand though I have seen some particularly appealing blogs tonight so I am feeling rather inspired. Actually I need to clarify that a bit.

One of the blogs that I read is by a beautiful crafty lady who lives in the same town as I. She makes the most gorgeous clothes and introduced me to the term 'upcycled' I suffer amazing jealous awe of her as she is one of the truly blessed that appears to be living the proverbial dream. What I also find astonishing is that I have actually met her in real life. A few years ago though before she was well you know all famous like she is now (ok maybe famous is a bit of a stretch but she has over 1000 facebook likers so she is at least well known)

The other blog I stopped by to read, is I believe also fairly local which got me thinking maybe I should try and organise a little local blogging thing. In the past week I have come across quite a few wonderful local women who have an online presence in one way or another. For the most part they all seem to have a rather crafty side to them and are able to make a range of beautiful things which they are able to sell. I wish I could say the same for me.

(deep sigh)

Unfortunately though one of the blogs I came across today did make me shudder. Now I feel terrible about this as I by no means wish to be associated with the the grammar and punctuation police BUT...

Not using capital letters at the start of sentences is just wrong! The first time I let it slide, after all no one is perfect but then when I kept appearing as i my body began to twitch as I realised this author had no respect what's so ever for the English language. I know that I am no expert and I know that I have made many an error when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation but at least I try and do the right thing. Mind you I must say that apart from the terrible typing in this blog (which I am fairly sure most people wouldn't even notice) the blog in question was actually quite appealing to the eye and very well set out. As I was scrolling through it I couldn't help but wonder how my own blog creation compared. Of course my self criticism is somewhat harsh given that I generally strive for the elusive 'perfect' but that is a whole post in it's own


  1. Your last sentence makes absolutely no sense. Hehe.

  2. Thanks! Aside from being a little on the late side when I posted I just couldn't find the right way to say what I wanted. I really like the blog I was talking about apart from the lack of capitals lol and don't want to offend the writer in case she ever stops by, I am still in two minds as to whether I put some links in or not.

  3. ah you've edited it nicely and made me sound like a twit. hehe. very nicely done :)


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