Saturday, March 5

Golly, golly, golly

So much going on. So many ideas constantly buzzing about, if only it were easier to get them all out and happening. Since I last posted I think I have attempted two other blog post which as yet have not made it to being published, plus a thousand or so other great ideas that failed to successfully form. Right now is really not the best time for me to try and write but I fear if I don't publish something right this very instant I will be forever doomed and never have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming the acclaimed writer I dream of.

Silly me was temporarily been under the misguided impression that I was slowly getting on top of things. I mean the housework had been kept to a semi well maintained status for a few days in a row, my writing had seen a slight incline in quantity and just general harmony seemed to reign. I have had a significant slap in the face in recent days and the reality of just how much work I have before me has become apparent.

Rather than tackle these difficulties face on I took the run and hide approach. It is my preferred option at all times, despite it's repercussions. See when you choose to deal with something later it is always worse. Time is not always the healing friend it is made out to be. Sometimes with time comes more. More mess, more troubles, more to do. Just more. Take the dishes for example. The longer you leave the washing up the more there is to do. So when you finally get round to doing the breakfast dishes form three days ago they now include plates from an extra five meals. A once three minute task is now an epic job... speaking of which...I still need to do.

Since it is a Saturday there is hope that I will be able to return once all the kidlets are in bed. DH is about to take them for a swim to ensure that energy levels are as depleted as possible. Tomorrow sees us heading to a Wiggles concert which is just a little exciting. There is also a chance we might have a picnic as well. For now though it is a quarter past housework time.

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