Sunday, March 27

Things I would change - School

Another weekend over, another week about to begin. So incredibly glad that this week just happens to be the last week of the school term. I tellya it has been a long hard 10 weeks. I don't know how the teachers and kids get through it. It is a shame that the break will only be for a week but the coming term is a good one. Even though it will have eleven weeks instead of ten there are plenty of public holidays thrown in there so it sort of balances itself out.

Personally though if I was in charge of the education department I would be making some rather radical changes to the system. The first of these would be to scrap the 4 ten week terms and replace them with 5 eight week terms. To me the last two weeks and especially the last are just a nightmare and a waste of time so let's just get rid of them. Of course the whole two semester thing would not really work very well with my theory so perhaps semesters will just have to be thrown out the window.

Alternatively we could do some changing of the week stuff like have Wednesday's as a half day or better yet a free day. Of course this would only really work well for SAHM such as myself but hey you can't please everyone all of the time can you? Perhaps the half day would work better on Friday and that way everyone can have an early knock off and just enjoy being with family.

Wouldn't that be nice? Could you imagine if everywhere everything shut down at say 1pm Friday, leaving people no choice but to be with family and have a fun time. Hmmmmm...... A nice sounding dream to me.

I would also change the start time for schools. Ours is currently 8.15 and it is just not doable for us. A much more reasonable time to start is like 9 though even 8.30 would be a big help. It is surprising the difference that fifteen minutes can make. Mornings are really not my forte. It is not that I am not a morning person, I just need a bit of time to sort myself (and kids) out and quite frankly I would rather do that later rather than earlier. Of course the down side to starting earlier is that you need to finish later but maybe they could just lose a bit of lunch and recess?

What would you change about school if you got the chance?

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