Tuesday, March 29

Increase Traffic

One of the ways in which I help drive traffic to my site is through LinkReferral and their new sister site LinkReviewer. Basically it means I go and spend time looking at other people's sites and then the same will happen to mine. There is also the option to write reviews which is supposed to increase the traffic to your site as well.

All in all it is not a bad system. Sure visiting other people's sites each day takes away from my own precious writing time but it really does drive some traffic in my direction. Plus the review side of thing makes you feel all warm and fuzzzy. To date I have only had really positive reviews, which is great as they encourage me to plod along. Which is not always easy. I am not a plodder. I am a sprinter. I want results NOW or better yet 5 minutes ago.

The other good thing about these programs are that at times I have come across some really great sites. These give me ideas about where I can take my own little web space to and areas I should work on improving. Naturally there are some that show what not to do as well.

Today however as I am dutifully clicking and reading away all I seem to come across are Christian sites. Now on the whole I guess I am somewhat of a christian. I mean I believe that there is a God out there (at least for the most part) however the Bible is not exactly part of my regular reading. I respect the fact that people align themselves to a belief system or religion and can dedicate their life to following that but it is just not for me. Personally for me I like to shop around, take all the best bits and just make up my own.

Anyway I guess I should get back to it, I am sure DD3 will probably not be sleeping for too much longer. I am thinking of going and joining her so that generally means she will interpret that as being time to wake up.

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