Monday, March 14

Knowing how often to nurse

One fear that is commonly held by new parents is how often to nurse their new baby. I would like to take this opportunity to assure all parents that they need not worry. Help is at hand.

I believe that the answer to this, and many other parental concerns is simple, trust your instincts. Parents of today need to develop their confidence and listen to not only their baby but also themselves.

While to some, on the surface, parenting may not seem very natural, the bulk of it actually is. New parents need learn to trust in their own judgment. By all means research and learn about different current thoughts and practices, but then parents need to make their own decision based on the circumstances relevant to their family's situation. Knowing when to nurse is no exception. Listen to your baby and your body, and you will always know what is right. This is particularly true for breastfeeding mothers. On many occasions the mothers body will tell her that feeding time is coming near as the breasts fill with milk. Read more

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