Saturday, March 26

The sooner you do it the sooner it's done

Makes sense really doesn't it?

Of course if you are a prized procrastinator such as myself then such words are really like water off a duck's back.

Sometimes it is just that I don't want to do it, sometimes it is just that I can't be bothered to do it and sometimes I just hope that someone else will get up and do it. Why I don't know as nine times out of ten I end up having to do it anyway. You would think that by now I would know that I should just be done with it and get it out the way but nooooooo that is all to easy.

Instead I put it off and wait a while. I'll distract myself or pretend to be busy. Sometimes I will even go and tackle other jobs in the hope that it won't still be there when I am done. Rarely is that ever the case though.

What am I talking about?

Well the picture gives it away but if you haven't caught on yet I am of course referring to the dishes. I hate washing dishes with a passion. While online the other day I mentioned to a chat friend that I had dirty dishes that I should be washing and she said "the sooner you do it the sooner it's done" (she is good for great lines like that times) Lucky that she was not with me in person though as I could possibly have given her a little love tap for her remark.

Anyway I did think that it would be a good blog post so while the dishes may not have gotten washed I did get a post out so not all bad I guess :)

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  1. I love that you are my twin on this! I am currently doing dishes, slowly, although I do have the excuse that my big pregnant belly makes it hard to get to the, it really does!

  2. I know! I have a tendency to "soak" and forget to come back to them later.

  3. lol at the big belly Nic, sounds like a good excuse to let myself go if it will mean I have a permanent excuse not to do the dishes, I seriously hate the dishes with a passion


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