Thursday, March 17

Blame it on the moon

Man I have started the start of this post so many times and I just can't seem to get it right. (Grrrrrr)

In fact I have sat here so long it is now nearly bed time and I still have a blank page and given the amount of already unfinished posts I don't want to add this one to the pile. I really need to get into the habit of writing every night. Actually I would love to be in the habit of writing for around 3 out of every 24 hours. Yes people's that is right I think I would be at my happiest if I spent 1/8 of every day of it sitting in front of my lovely shiny big iMac screen typing away on the glorious wireless keypad. (Yes I am still in love with my iMac I am so in love with it that it actually counts as part of my birthday present despite the 5 month time gap. The mac brings so much joy that there is nothing I could want)

Where was I?....

Yes that's right, needing to write and it being nearly bed time.

Today has been a massive day. There was a school fundraiser which pretty much took up the day and evening. It was all rather enjoyable and I like helping to bring people together. The thing I don't like though is that afterwards I always seem to think of ways things could be done better. Which reminds me actually I have been thinking a lot lately about the concept of perfection. I think there is a great post in there somewhere once I manage to get my thoughts together.

But again I digress...according to the title of the post (I tend to always title first as then it gives me something to focus on, of course doesn't always work) I am "blaming it on the moon" so I imagine you have been sitting there wondering what exactly was blamed on the moon and why. Well basically everything. When all else has failed and you can find no other reason for why something has happened, it must be the moon's fault.

At least that is the way I think.

All the terrible disasters happening around the world...I rationalise it by blaming the moon. Given the relationship between the tide and the moon it is rather feasible. My recent bad moods and raging hormones...well I wouldn't be the first woman to say her monthly cycle was in line with the moon.

Saturday will see a full moon. Apparently it is a spring equinox moon, closest the moon and earth will be in however many years and all sorts of things. If you have any good links on the subject please share. So if on Saturday night you think of it, go and check out the moon, apparently it will be a stunner, and while your there ask her to be a bit kinder for a while.

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