Tuesday, March 1

Still no recipe

For the past two days I have been thinking about how I would do up a recipe post of the most amazing dinner I cooked on Sunday night. Part of me wishes I had of been aware of how great the meal would be, so I could have preempted the possible blog post and taken a photo. But alas my psychic skills were apparently on hold that night.

Anyway right now I have much great things to worry about than the lack of a photo to include with the recipe post. I fear that I may actually have forgotten what I did that made the dish so very yummy.

You see it was not a very well planned out meal. It was thrown together on a whim, based on what was readily available. Here are few of the ingredients that easily come to mind; lemon, chicken, onion, rice, red capsicum, mushrooms, butter, ok so maybe I remember more than I realised...baby spinach leaves...hmmm

I think a recreation is going to be called for. That way I can overcome the photo issue as well...

In the meantime here are you my captive audience and I am struggling to think of how to end this post. Perhaps you should go and read some of my work over at Helium

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