Wednesday, March 16

My Place and Yours

Today I am going to play along in a little game hosted over at hello owl (one of the wonderful blogs I have stumbled on lately and just fallen in love with).

Each Tuesday Danielle posts a themed photo and asks readers to do the same. This week the theme is W which I thought gave me the perfect opportunity to share the wonderful Water feature that clever hubs made.

I have had problems finding a photo that really does it justice so this one will have to do, the best of a bad bunch if you will. At night it is a truly magical little corner of the garden as it is surrounded with some solar powered lights that create a beautiful glow.


  1. I love water features, especially for their glow, and gentle, relaxing sounds. We're hoping to install one soon. Can't wait!

    By the way, I'm loving the sunset pic on your header. What amazing colours! xx

  2. Thanks Wendy, it is a beautiful shot, it is one of my most favourtie photos. I took it on the first anniversary of my dad's passing. We went and had take away chinese (his fav) at the place where we let his ashes go so I am sure it is thanks to him the photo came out as wonderful as it is.

    Hope you don't have to wait too long for you water feature, we spent nearly 12 months discussing this one before it got built! Well worth the wait though :)

    Cheers for stopping by and may in every way this be a special day xx

  3. That's a lovely water feature..looks like you have snagged a handy hubby..woohoo ;)

  4. yes I must admit Hayley I did snag a good one :) Thanks for stopping by


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