Tuesday, March 8

First Steps

As you know this little beauty of a blog is still in the early developmental stage. I am like a pre walker who is ready for take off. My balance is nearly there, I am just teetering on the edge waiting for the first step, only not sure which foot to put forward first.

Earlier today I thought that perhaps I should post some of my Helium articles here as there are some great parenting hints and tips in there. Plus it would have the added bonus of generating some more traffic in that general direction. Which in turn would have the added bonus of me earning a little money.

It is tough though I want to be here just because I love it, which I do, but at the same time if I am here then I think I should be making a bit moola out of it as well. I mean if everyone else is cashing in on the whole Internet thing why shouldn't I. After all I spend so much time on the dam net that I should get a little in return don't you think?

See money has never really been of much importance to me. Before being a mum I was a hard worker and have always been gainfully employed. I mean I am still a hard worker now and the jobs I did may not have been physically challenging but I always gave my best and did an honest day's work. I have pretty much always loved whatever I have done, if I didn't like it I gave it in and found something else. I never had a dream job as such but I always had enough money to get by without to much trouble. Actually to tell the truth I am of the opinion the more you have the more you spend.

Lately though money has become a bit of an issue. You know the saying if it doesn't rain it pours? Well it is pouring here. If it is not one thing it is another and to tell you the truth I have just about had enough.

(short sigh)

Deep down though I know I don't really have anything to complain about. After all there are no holes in the roof so even in the rain we are still dry. We have food on our table and love in our hearts and really that is all that matters. A bit of pulling on the old purse strings here and there and all will be okay.

But enough of the doom and gloom as really things are looking up. Readership is slowly growing here and I have plenty of ideas. Plus I am actually writing a little. As for the Helium thing well part of me just wants to bombard with all my great articles and the other part thinks I should maybe do just one a week or so. Have like a Helium Friday or something? Any thoughts?

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